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Maitri Studio is venue to Sunday EvenYINg Yoga - donation based class

Sunday 13th January - 7.00pm to 8:30pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Patricia Lubeck


Sun 13th January 2019

Donation based Yin Yoga with Patricia Lubeck

Welcome to this new year. We have officially started a new cycle, the light is slowly but surely returning. So I invite you to get ready for these coming months, living in harmony with your needs and desires while also allowing stillness and rest.

These classes are an opportunity to become more aware of all that is no longer of use, this is your invitation to come and listen. Befriend your body, your heart, and your thoughts - and learn how to cultivate resilience for the last weeks of winter and grow joy for life to accompany these early weeks of spring. 

This course is for complete beginners and experienced yogis alike. Through props and modifications I will help you experience the stillness of the yin in a way that suits your body. While the practice doesn't get harder, we go deeper within the process. At this time of year, held in a cozy space with beautiful scents and cancel light atmosphere. 

It's most beneficial to commit to the course as a whole, though dropping in is possible as well.

Come and meet your inner world, nourish your joints and deep fascia, or simply slow down after a busy week!

About YIN:
Yin Yoga can be an ideal practice to balance out your usual yang-like yoga routine, or simply a welcomed change from the busy lifestyle most of us lead. 
Many times I've been asked 'Isn't Yin Yoga just normal yoga but with longer poses?'. And boy, oh boy, let me tell you: It is so much more!
Sure, there are fewer poses than in yang-like styles. Yes, most Yin poses are seated or lying down. Just don't mistake simplicity for ease. 

On a physical level, Yin Yoga targets the joints, deep fascia and ligaments. For this, 'Yinsters' rely on three principles:
Finding your edge - discovering and honouring your first point of significant resistance
Cultivating stillness - within the body, within the mind, within the spirit
Enduring a longer hold of the poses - the pose begins when you quickly want to hurry out of it
So, if you think Yin Yoga is easy, try sitting still for a long time! You will soon begin to understand.

Read more about my love for yin here.

For planning purposes, please let me know you are coming. And get in touch if you have worries about possible limitations or needs I should be aware of ! ♥ or 07460821815