Muscle testing for Healers

Saturday 14th January - 9.30am to 5:00pm

Venue: La Mon Hotel and Country Club, Gransha Road, Castlereagh

Contact: Ralph McCutcheon
028 9042 5953


Sat 14th January 2017

Sat 18th February 2017

Sat 25th March 2017

Muscle Testing for Healers

A practical workshop of three two-day weekends to explore the many ways in which Kinesiology (muscle testing) can be used to facilitate quicker and more accurate diagnosis and treatment, regardless of the therapy being used.

The course is designed for sensitive therapists who wish to take an open-minded approach to broadening their scope of practice, and in the process undergo a journey in self growth and quite possibly self healing.

The course will cover a wide range treatments for physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual imbalances.

The first weekend, on 14-15 January,  is for those who do not have prior training in Kinesiology, and those who would like to 'brush up' on present knowledge. It is essential to have a good, consistent muscle teating standard before proceeding to;

Module 2, on 18-19 February, when we will start in-depth training in a wide variety of techniques aimed at assessing and treating the whole person in a non-invasive way.

Modue 3, on 25-26 March, will follow on from the previous weekend with more practical workshopping of techniques, this time at a deeper level, venturing into the quantum field and metaphysics.

The course is intended to be informal and reactive to the needs of the group, and is not validated by any organisation. It will offer many skills which can be integrated, at the therapist's own discretion, into existing practice methods. Alternatively, the course can be used purely for personal growth and awareness.

The course must be booked and paid for in advance. Please contact Ralph on the above email address or phone for registration. The cost of each module is £170.00. In addition, those attending Module 1 will require a copy of the book 'Touch For Health', available from Ralph or from Amazon.