Maitri Studio, Reiki, Patricia Lübeck

Reiki @Maitri clinic day

Sunday 10th December - 10.00am to 4:00pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Patricia Lubeck


Sun 10th December 2017

Reiki clinic day - book a low cost Reiki treatment

Winter and Christmas treat - last low cost Reiki clinic of the year

Are you stressed, dealing with anxiety or depression? Are you going through grief, health issues or relationship difficulties? Would you like to nurture yourself and look after you emotional, physical and mental well-being alike? Receive a powerful and caring Reiki treatment by international Reiki Master teacher Patricia Lübeck.

Patricia has trained in a number of complimentary therapies and loves passing her knowledge onto her students. You can connect with her for a healing session, and she also teaches training courses to certify you as a Reiki Practitioner. This Reiki clinic is part of the new Reiki at Maitri setup. Starting with Patricia, Reiki healing at Maitri will eventually be a project involving many different Reiki healers, teachers, and students. 

You can book a 30 minute session for just £10 or a full hour with Patricia for just £20.
This is a special introductory offer. Usually, Patricia charges £30 for an hour. This offer was set up to make Reiki accessable to anyone curious about healing.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a natural way of energy healing where we can pass on loving, healing energy to others without depleting our own energy system. The word itself is Japanese and refers to the universal life force energy. It is up to you whether you connect this to your own religious or spiritual beliefs, or simply take it as the same energy that makes the flowers grow.

Reiki is non-denominational and kindness and love are what matters most! Think about it this way: When a child hurts itself, when a friend comes to you with deep sorrow, when the world seems against you - putting the hand on someone's shoulder or offering a hug are one of the most natural ways to offer love and healing to one another. In essence, this is Reiki. 

Then, when you dive in deeper, Reiki comes with ancient traditions and healing symbols, with finding a more peaceful way of living, with understanding that you can bring kindness and healing into every action of your day. 

The last Reiki clinic sold out rather quickly, so please get in touch to register your interest♥

Treatment slots have to be pre-booked via or 074 6082 1815