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Reiki@Maitri Mini: 5 Principles Workshop with Ursula Ruminski

Saturday 10th March - 3.30pm to 5:00pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Patricia Lubeck


Sat 10th March 2018

Reiki@Maitri Mini: 5 Principles Workshop with Ursula Ruminski

What a delight it is to announce the first Reiki@Maitri Mini! 

This is a 'going back to the roots of Reiki' workshop to allow Reiki practitioners and students to dive fully into the rich teachings of the Usui Reiki. Thereby, you will have the opportunity to explore the spiritual vessel and foundation for your own spiritual growth, and the backbone of the healing power of Reiki. 

The workshop will include:

  • Historic background of the principle
  • Connection to Japanese culture/religion
  • In-depth perspectives of each
  • How to use them in daily life for the practitioner
  • Introduction to the principles in Japanese (Go-Kai)
  • Traditional Chanting/Recitation of Go-Kai with gassho meditation

3CPD points can be awarded for FHT members.

As you know, Reiki@Maitri is a project aiming at creating a home for Reiki in East Belfast, bringing together healers of all different backgrounds and levels. This first workshop will be held by Ursula Ruminski

Ursuala says:

'I have been involved with Reiki for 18 years, running all levels workshops on and off since 2004. My first encounter with Reiki as a healing energy happened via my mother, whose physio used it on her hip. When she first spoke about how wonderful she felt during this session I thought she had lost her mind! So I went and tried it for myself in 1996! I hated it! Three years later, during a dark period in my life, my soul remembered Reiki and I have never looked back since. When my passion for healing was ignited I went and trained with a few other teachers, most notably with Frank Arjava Petter and his Japanese Techniques and then with Tadao Yamaguchi in Jikiden Reiki. Reiki led me to yoga and to meditation, two integral parts of my daily life. In 2013 I engaged in a 90 day silent retreat under strict retreat conditions in a Buddhist monastic setting.'

I am delighted to welcome Ursual to our group. I admire her teachings and am looking forward to learning from her expertise. 
I hope you will join us!

Cost: £35 per person 

Please let us know you are coming via or call 07460821815 ♥