Maitri Studio Belfast, Reiki school, Patricia Lübeck

Maitri Studio is venue to The Empowerment Series

Tuesday 27th February - 8.00pm to 10:00pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Patricia Lubeck​


Tue 27th February 2018

Tue 6th March 2018

Tue 20th March 2018

The Empowerment Series: 3 workshops to make life easier

Befriending Anger - Towards Belonging - Cultivating Abundance

This series of workshops is Patricia's offering to you, combining her expertise in research, holistic therapies, psychology, essential oils, and yin yoga - all wrapped up with safe space and poetry. 
Every workshop is tailored to one of life's major building blocks but the concept stays the same throughout. We will look at what happens in our body and neurological system, teach you hands-on exercises to find empowerment, and share our knowledge on essential oils to help. Then cultivate the lessons with a short and gentle yin yoga practice. 

You will take home a goodie bag after every workshop including some oils, handouts (including exercises and yoga poses) and more. 

Anger is the tip of the iceberg in our emotional experiences. Throughout this workshop, we will look at what happens when we get angry. We will share tools on releasing anger and identifying the needs that have not been met. Reflecting on boundaries and discovering how to share them kindly will be our foundation to befriending one of our most powerful and constructive emotions.

'In the absence of belonging there is always suffering.' - Brene Brown
This workshop will help you connect to yourself and find clarity on your position in your social groups. We will look at dealing with loneliness and sadness in a heart-centred way. Creating wholeness and community together as we go.

Being rich is so much more than to have money. Cultivating abundance in the forms of money, time, openness, support, and love will be at the centre of this workshop. Empowering you to welcome in blessings of all kind for the weeks to come. 

You can join each workshop individually. Each will build on the momentum of the ones before and collectively form a powerful basis to tackle whatever life throws at you with more ease and comfort!

£25 per workshop or £60 for all 3 workshops. 
Booking and information via or 07460821815 ♥