Experience the Heart Space

Saturday 23rd September - 10.00am to 3:00pm

Venue: The Sperrin Mountains, Co. Tyrone

Contact: Kerry


Sat 23rd September 2017

Experience the Heart Space

Beauty, peace, serenity and joy are a learned and created state of being. You are the essence of your own garden. 

This day will first see you journey into the heart of the Sperrin mountains into an area of outstanding natural beauty into a secluded glen tucked away in time.

Together, we will touch on natural healing remedies, the ancient colour language and reconnect to the full potential of the breathe to bring deep inner peace and harmony to our lives.

We will spend some time in the outdoors, allowing ourselves time to feel into the sounds and essence of nature and share a tasty lunch together [we have our own Mary berry in the sperrins!].

A beautiful day to gift your heartspace with and to treasure and grow from: £30

10am - 3pm