Maitri Studio Belfast, Reiki school, Patricia Lübeck, women

Maitri Studio is venue to Winter VaVaWomb - Welcoming the light into the darkness

Sunday 17th December - 2.00pm to 5:00pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Patricia Lubeck​


Sun 17th December 2017

Maitri Studio Belfast, Reiki school, Patricia Lübeck, women

Winter Va-Va-Womb! Welcoming the light into the darkness.

Winter so beautifully teaches us to slow down and let go. We decorate our houses and streets with glistening light, braving the cold and darkness surrounding us. Come, sister, and let go of the darkness that once filled your womb. Shine the light of compassion and follow the whispers of the promise - for new beginnings are carrying the light of infinite opportunity.

This 3 hr workshop will include key information on womb health and living with the female cycle. But most importantly, it will be a juicy combination of sisterhood, sacred space, yin yoga and a beautiful womb blessing ceremony.

Nurture your centre of creation in the company of other wonderful women. Connect, share, nurture, and be nurtured! 

The event is held by me, Patricia Lubeck.
For many years I have worked with the female energy, learning to understand its worth and empowerment. In the past, I held monthly red tent gatherings and have since developed my own womb blessing ceremony. As a healer and teacher, I love holding space and consciously creating connection. Besides the work around the divine feminine, I specialise in deep trauma healing, teach Reiki and have created the healing community Reiki@Maitri. I will be offering separate intuitive healing sessions. Contact me if you are interested!

For more information, get in touch! Spaces have to be pre-booked/ registered! The investment is £25. Teas, snacks, materials to take home and a little gift will be included. 

Special booking offer: Bring a friend and pay just £20 ♥

You can contact via 07460821815 or via