Maitri Studio, Belfast, All Love, Julia Cross, Rosie Graham, Patrick Zeiglar, Sechem energy

Maitri is venue to an All Love workshop

Saturday 25th November - 6.30pm to 9:30pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Rosie Graham


Sat 25th November 2017

All Love workshop with Julia Cross and Rosie Graham

"All-Love is the way of healing with the heart.. the experience of the One Heart that connects us to the All of Creation"

All-Love or Sechem energy was rediscovered in the Great Pyramid and developed by Patrick Zeiglar. Julia and Rosie have been participating in Patrick's classes for the last five years and bring the All Love energy into this unique exploratory co-creation of sound, movement and connection. A healing, heart-opening evening of transformation.

Julia Cross
A YTTC qualified yoga teacher practising in the Crossgar / Downpatrick area, teaching children's yoga, pregnancy yoga, gentle yoga or chair yoga. Julia also offers unique One Heart yoga which includes the mind, body, soul, spirit and heart. Shedding of what seems to hold us back to live the life we love and connecting to our essence to fully embody it here, using physical asanas, meditation, breathing exercises, shamanic practices, Reiki and sound healing.

Julia is a Reiki master and All Love practitioner. She is a Doula, offering ways in combination with pregnancy yoga, birth preparation classes, and her BIB (Birth Into Being) training to help us become free of emotional, mental and physical blockages that can get in the way of an empowering and beautiful birthing experience.  Music is one of Julia's passions and as a musician, singer and songwriter she has great joy performing.  She gives concerts also with her classic singing and flute playing for various occasions.

Rosie Graham
A qualified art therapist and practising artist, Reiki master, shamanic practitioner and All Love practitioner:
'My intention is to hold a space of ease and flow and trusting the process of the art making using clay or paints, pencils or pastels, or collage. Also trusting the power and strength of each of us to heal and grow as soon as we set that intention for ourselves when we engage with the art making as therapy.  For me art making is a spiritual experience and an expression of things I find impossible to say in words. Art has always been my way of moving towards wholeness and expanding my awareness. My discovery of  'All Love' is a culmination of this creative flow, which has become all encompassing, trans-formative and life enhancing.  I am passionate about bringing this energy to groups.'

For more information or to book, please contact Julie or Rosie.