Maria Hogarty, Maitri Studio, Belfast, yin yoga

Maitri Studio is venue to a four week yin yoga course

Friday 19th January - 6.30pm to 8:00pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Maria Hogarty


Fri 19th January 2018

Yin yoga 4 week course with Maria Hogarty

Join Maria to explore the value of a passive practice working physically through the chakra energy centres promoting deep relaxation, release of tension and flexibility

 A still yoga sequence working physically through the chakra energy centres. A full body and mind re-tune to allow you to feel relaxed and be at harmony.

Each class presents a unique experience of physical asana, pranayama and meditation themed to a specific chakra energy centre. The chakras are powerful energy centres in the body where most of our vital energy flows. Combining the power of chakras with yin energy of stillness, presence and depth helps to bring harmony and balance to the physical and emotional body.

Classes begin with pranayama practice to allow you to drop into your space and support movement through an asana sequence held for time to allow the release tension and tightness from the body. Hands on physical adjusts will be available to support your body to surrender and open into each asana.

Classes conclude with gentle relaxation to allow for integration of your practice.

Maria believes that we are all unique, with different bodies, different lives and different goals but that there is something in the energy of yin yoga for everyone. All levels and abilities are catered for in each class.

Join Maria Fridays 6.30 - 8.00 pm Jan 19th — Feb 9th, all abilities catered for.

4 week course £30, Drop-in sessions £9

For more information, please contact Maria on 07789582750 or Facebook