Maria Hogarty, Maitri Studio, Belfast, yin yoga

Maitri Studio is venue to a Reconnect and release Yin yoga workshop

Saturday 19th May - 10.00am to 12:00pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Maria Hogarty


Sat 19th May 2018

Join Maria Hogarty for a reconnect and Release Yin yoga workshop

Yin yoga is a practice of reconnection, surrender and release with many complimentary benefits to our yang-like lifestyles; our active, striving and masculine energy. Out of balance, this yang energy can lead to us to become disconnected from ourselves and cause dis-EASE within the body. Much of this dis-EASE within the body can be stored within our connective tissues (ligaments, tendons and fascia).

Chakra evolution yin yoga works with the connective tissue which has its own intelligence and our energy chakra centres to help the flow of vital energy freely through our bodies. Poses are typically held for 3 minutes with focus on moving deeper into the connective tissues to release tension, tightness and stress from the body. In this stillness of yin energy we are forced to listen to our bodies so that we can begin to reconnect and acknowledge our body and its wisdom.

This style of yoga is suitable for ALL abilities with poses supported by props (blankets, cushions, blocks, straps etc) and hands on physical adjusts to allow you to reconnect and release promoting deeper relaxation within the body.

Open to all abilities.

Saturday 19th May 10-12 pm. £15, bring a friend for £10!

For more information, please contact Maria on 07789582750 or Facebook or Instagram.