Reiki Mastership Course - with Ingrid Darragh

Sunday 10th June - 1.00pm to 5:00pm

Venue: My home office , Portstewart

Contact: Ingrid Darragh


Sun 10th June 2018

Reiki Training with Ingrid Darragh

My next Reiki Mastership Course (become a Reiki Master and be ready to practice on other people) starts on Sun 1oth June in Portstewart:

Level 1 Sun 10th June, 1pm-5pm

Level 2 Sun 30th Sept, 1pm-5pm

Level 3 Sun 18th Nov, 1pm-5pm

£495, includes your training manuals, attunement to the Reiki energy and certificates.

On completion of the course, you can apply to the UK Reiki Federation for membership and take out insurance - you are then ready to practice Reiki on others as a Reiki Master Practitioner.

For more info / to book, please contact me or click below:

Please avoid caffeine and alcohol and red meat 48 hours before each training day, to help prepare for the energy attunement).

I also have other dates available, so if these dates do not suit you, or you wish to do Reiki Level 2 or Master level individually to take your Reiki practice to the next level, contact me to check dates for this. 

Reiki teacher training also available.

Payments plans available on request.

Hope you can join us!



"Ingrid is a wonderful Reiki Teacher and easily conveys her enthusiasm and knowledge of Reiki to others. Her positive attitude and generous nature are uplifting and inspiring. She has a deep love of the practice which comes across at all times. I learned Reiki with her a year ago and since then it has become a regular part of my life, allowing me to be much more positive and cope with stress much more easily. would recommend Ingrid wholeheartedly to anyone who is thinking of learning this wonderful practice. You can rest assured you are in good hands, she will guide you gently and skillfully through the process" - Julie-Anne

"Ingrid is radiant, some people use the term lightworker, Ingrid's light is very visible, having been to a few of her events now and she exudes what she is teaching and is a living example of the benefits to it" - Chris

"The best around by far" NT


Reiki Mastership Course - with Ingrid Darragh