Beginner's Yoga Workshop

Saturday 28th April - 11.00am to 1:30pm

Venue: 39 Malone Road, Belfast

Contact: Michelle Taylor


Sat 28th April 2018

Beginner's Yoga Workshop

This 2 1/2 hr event gives you the opportunity to learn about yoga practice, the benefits and to experience different aspects of a typical class yourself.


Beginning with touching on some of the principles behind yoga and applying them to yourself- moving on to pranayama practice (breathing exercise) and then seated, standing and balancing poses explored from a beginners level helping you understand the importance of alignment in the physical body and the uae of the breath in your development of the practice. We will explore traditional hatha yoga poses with names in both ancient sanskrit and English, giving you confidence and experience in weekly classes if you would like to progress. Ending with a meditation experience surrendering the mind and the body, giving wholeness to this workshop experience.
This event aims to leave you with an all over body connection, a relaxed, focussed mind and a vibrant spirit. 

This Hatha Yoga workshop is aimed at beginner level although those who have some previous experience will also benefit.

The cost of this workshop is £25 

Spaces limited - Booking and payment in advance required