Weekly Yoga Class

Thursday 3rd May - 5.30pm to 7:00pm

Venue: 39 Malone Road, Belfast

Contact: Michelle Taylor


Thu 3rd May 2018

Thu 10th May 2018

Thu 17th May 2018

Weekly Yoga Class


HATHA YOGA CLASS 5:30-7pm Beginner/Intermediate level
Introductory offer £36 for six class pass
Mats Blankets and props provided if required


I love love love facilitating these classes. Yoga is a practice that brings about harmony in our mind, body & soul. On a physical level the postures are designed to release tension in the joints, strength to the muscles and generally more mobility. On a mental/emotional level it helps to calm the nervous system and still the mind and on a soul level it brings us closer to our true selves using the pathway of the heart. 

The 1 1/2 hr class begins with a short breathing (pranayama) exercise moving into stretching and warming up the physical body followed by more dynamic poses finishing with a 10 min relaxation meditation (yoga nidra)

There are mats and blankets provided if you don't have one. Please contact me to book as I require a basic registration form completed before your first class. 

Suitable for Beginners/Intermediate Level

Introductory offer £6 per class for 6 week sign up or £8 per class pay as you go.