Protecting your Aura Meditation

Friday 25th May - 7.30pm to 9:15pm

Venue: 39 Malone Road, Belfast

Contact: Michelle Taylor


Fri 25th May 2018

Protecting your Aura Meditation

Many of us in Western Society are becoming more sensitive to the energies around us. This is a beautiful development and can allow us a much more fulfilling life. However we are generally not educated in how to manage this development and can find ourselves becoming drained and even depleted by evironments such as the workplace or by others in our lives. As we are all physical and energetic beings our energies mingle and this can be uplifting and engaging but also depleting, especially when encountered on an ongoing basis. It is vital as we grow as spiritual beings that we protect our aura and keep our energy for ourselves. A practice that can help with this is through meditation where we can clear, revitalise and store our own energy. Once learnt this meditation can be practiced easily at home on a regular basis to keep us at our optimum energetic levels.

Booking and payment required in advance - £10