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Life Drawing Class - Circus - with Skye Bompas (EastSide Arts Festival)

Thursday 4th October - 1.00pm to 3:00pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Skye Bompass


Thu 4th October 2018

Life Studies with artist Skye Bompas

Life Studies is now on every Thursday :-)

The person to bear all this week is a weaver of all sorts of materials. She is a local to Belfast with a bit of modeling experience already behind her. Come and join in on her experience this week. 

In these life study classes I hope to offer something a little different from the normal life drawing classes. 

My "models" are people who, for most it will be there first time being naked and observed. A special experience for both the model and the artist. For their comfort they choose the blankets and the music, this also allows us more into their world. Once the class is over the Muse will give a brief history of themselves and how they came to this point. You would be surprised on peoples stories and the emotions held with in the body. 

Any ART donations for him to keep will be much appreciated

I will be offering some instruction and guidance in proportions and speeding up. 

Chairs and tables are available. Please bring own art supplies and easels.

Investment: £15, concessions available

Please contact me on or 078 0945 6178. Find out more on Facebook.