Maitri Studio, Belfast, Move Sing Rest, Michelle Bailly

Maitri Studio is venue to Move Sing Rest weekly classes

Saturday 22nd September - 1.15pm to 2:15pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Michelle Bailly


Sat 22nd September 2018

Move Sing Rest offer weekly classes to discover the joy of being

Discover the JOY of BEING and how to use gentle #movement, #singing, #music and #meditation as a practise to help you feel better and uplifted. Move-Sing-Rest is an arts and health programme in Northern Ireland that promotes happiness and wellbeing with music.

Who Will Benefit? You love music and want to discover how to:

  • Use musical practises to calm your busy mind
  • Sing songs and make sounds which can promote happiness and wellbeing
  • Increase your ability to manage stress
  • Experience deeper states of relaxation
  • Express yourself more fully
  • Promote deep listening and understanding of others
  • Have fun and enjoyment in community
  • No solo singing is required!

This is a FREE taster event to be followed by weekly classes.

You will:

  • Practise gentle movements from Qi Gong, Shintaido and dance
  • Discover simple sounds to release mood-lifting endorphins
  • Use your body more effectively to improve your posture and lung capacity
  • Utilise vocal techniques that can change how you feel instantly
  • Access states of well-being through the joy of singing
  • Receive daily practices for staying ‘in-tune’ and balanced

As one participant put it –

“I really enjoyed - it was a really good mixture of singing, chanting, breathing, movement and also great fun! Felt great afterwards!’’ Kym Knox, Shiatsu Practitioner.

5 consecutive classes for £25. £8 drop in fee. Please confirm your attendance or 0751 897 3146