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Maitri is venue to Sacred Cacao Full Moon Ceremony

Sunday 26th August - 6.00pm to 10:00pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Melissa O'Neill


Sun 26th August 2018

Sacred Cacao Full Moon Ceremony with Melissa O'Neill

The full Moon is an auspicious, high energy and magical time to release what has been dark or heavy and to transform areas of lack into abundance. As the Moon affects our entire being, the full Moon heightens our senses, awareness and everything that is going on around us. Going into Ceremony with heart opening Cacao at this time is such a beautiful way to let go, release and set powerful intentions that will leave us feeling high on love, motivated and blissful for days after. 

Ceremonial grade Cacao reharmonises and brings us back into balance. It gives us clarity so that we can start thinking much more clearly. Cacao opens our hearts, so we can be ourselves and live harmoniously in love, ease and grace. 
We use Ceremony as a sacred container to call in the mysterious forces of life that guide and direct us. In this container is a bridge which spans the barriers we have created, to honour the ancient wisdom, nature and ourselves.

•~• What to expect •~•
You will find yourself in a warm candlelit space, slightly scented of sweet essence to add to the serene environment where you will be served a delicious Cacao Elixir of pure Peruvian ceremonial chocolate. Combined with the deep vibrations of sacred sounds and the soothing and tingling sensations from the Cacao as it enters the body, you will be transported into the sanctuary of your own being in no time. 

•~• Sacred Cacao •~• 
Cacao (Raw chocolate) is a powerful plant medicine that has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America as a way to commune with the gods. 
Anandamide, the naturally produced LOVE chemical that our own bodies produce is found in Cacao known as Ananda translated in Sanskrit as BLISS. When consumed it results in feelings of pleasure and euphoria and also plays a role in moderating physical pain, memory of pain as well as improving motivation and creativity. 

•~• About Melissa & The Medicine •~• 
Melissa has been working with sacred plant medicine for 5 years and Cacao for 3 years. She specialises in Cellular & Shamanic Healing. The medicine you will be served is from the Asháninka tribe in the rainforests of Central Peru. Cacao provides protection of their land and a cash crop where they can promote organic and traditional farming methods there. 

What to bring 
Please bring a bottle of water, cozy socks, a journal & pen.

We will have an Alter present if you wish to bring something cherishable to place there for the duration of the ceremony. 

Investment: £40 
Deposit: £15 (+£1 BOOKING FEE) payable above

To reserve your place contact MELISSA on email: 

As I will be making the Elixir beforehand using specific amounts of chocolate for each person, booking is essential. Once you have booked, you will receive further information on how to prepare for the ceremony via email. 

•~• Some things you need to know •~•
Cacao is 100% safe to consume although it doesn't mix well with SSRIs. If you are on any anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs, just let me know beforehand so I can prepare your Elixir accordingly.

Cacao Blessings