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Maitri Studio is venue to The ancient healing ways of the Inka - Shamanism

Saturday 8th June - 2.00pm to 5:00pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Daniel Donciu


Sat 8th June 2019

The ancient healing ways of the Inka - Shamanism

Daniel offers an introduction to Inka Shamanism, and describes the event below:

This event is an interactive workshop. Our goal is to openly talk about the ancient healing ways of the Inka civilisation, especially about Inka shamanism. During the workshop we will explore the concept of ayni, which means to live in harmony and reciprocity. Inka shamans are of the belief that it is paramount to be in the right relationship with everything, with all the people that we interact with, not only the ones we love. At the same time, it is also paramount to be in the right relationship with ourselves. This is what it means to live in ayni.

Inka shamanism is an ancient healing modality that teaches us how to live in harmony. Its purpose is to bring balance to our body. This is achieved by gently shifting energies that do not belong in our body. In fact, one of the principles of the Inka shamanic medicine is that, by removing energies that do not belong in the body, illness goes away.

Inka shamanism is a natural medicine and does not involve ingesting or injecting any substances.

During the workshop you will learn a shamanic healing exercise that will help balance your body and that can be used at any time, at home, without any risks. You will also take part in a healing exercise that will bring balance to your fight or flight system so that your body can rest better and your mind can become calmer.

What will happen during the workshop?

We will start by describing some of the ancient healing ways of the Inka and some of the Inka shamanic principles. We will then go deeper into understanding how our energetic body works, focusing on the chakra system and on the relationship between our energetic and physical body and its continuous interaction with our environment. We will also talk about the environment that shamans create in order to do their work safely. We will then teach you a healing exercise that is meant to bring balance to your energetic body and that you can use anytime you wish, with no risk. This exercise can help you in stressful situations, when you can’t sleep or in any situation where you feel that you are imbalanced.

Next we will present some other Inka healing techniques and we will interact as much as possible so that we all understand how these healing ways can help us in our day to day life.

We will continue on with a meditation exercise that will bring balance to the fight or flight system in your body. The fight or flight system in our bodies is most of the time imbalanced because of the excessive amount of stimuli that we are exposed to each and every day of our lives. 200 years ago people did not have mobile phones, tvs, tablets, radio, social media, magazines, etc.. All these devices and inventions, plus all the day to day life situations overstimulate our fight or flight system and are most likely to create imbalances to this system. The fight or flight system is mostly based on two hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. When this system is imbalanced the body creates more and more of these hormones and this can lead to anxiety, panic, impaired immunity and many other imbalances. After a longer period of time these hormones, especially the cortisol, can start to decrease in the body because of adrenal fatigue. Once this happens your body can start to feel tired most of the time and you can feel like you have no energy left to work with.

At the end of the workshop you will have the opportunity to chat with the people present, to make some notes, and also to connect privately with the facilitator or ask any other questions.

During the workshop we will take one or two 10 minute breaks that will give you the opportunity to connect with the people around you, to make some notes, and also connect privately with the facilitator of the workshop.

Questions are welcome anytime throughout the duration of the workshop.

What to bring for the event?

  • Water to last you for 3 hours.
  • A notebook.

Event cost and how to book?

The event lasts about 3 hours. The price for the event is £20. For students and those who are unemployed or on benefits we are offering a concession, the price for them is £15. Documentary proof (no older than 3 months) must be provided on request. To book for this event please fill in the online form or email or call 00 44 7490 397437


For more details please visit or you can contact the Facebook page Munayni Shamanic Healing. You can also contact Daniel directly at or by phone at 00447490397437

For more shamanic events please visit the munayni website.

Private healing sessions - these are available upon request and can be organised via email or at the end of the workshop. For more details on private healing sessions and the cost please see Daniel's therapy page.

About the facilitator

Daniel Donciu was initiated in the shamanic healing ways years ago in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. After the first contact with the shamans in the Amazon jungle he became more and more interested in the shamanic traditions originated in Peru. The second trip to the Amazon jungle brought him a better understanding of the traditions, culture and the healing ways of the Peruvian shamans. Trying to understand and learn more and more about the ancient shamanic healing ways originated in Peru Daniel found a mentor and teacher closer to the place that he lives, in Cork, Ireland. This teacher initiated him in the ancient Peruvian shamanic healing ways of the Inka, ways that were kept for generations by the people called today Q’ero. After the initiation came a long process of apprenticeship that included a lot of self healing. During this time Daniel also attended different workshops and talks related to the Q’ero shamanic ways and a new shamanic trip to Peru where he attended shamanic ceremonies led by the Q’ero shamans Donna Agustina, Don Hernan si Don Sebastian Sucile Apaza. The ceremonies took place in sacred locations in The Sacred Valley, Cusco and the sacred mountain Ausangate.

Throughout his life Daniel had suffered from depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. Healing these imbalances was mostly due to the shamanic work that he has done. Being very inspired by the results that he had, Daniel decided to share his experience and his shamanic knowledge by facilitating workshops, shamanic healing sessions and shamanic ceremonies.

He has worked and is still working, using the acquired shamanic techniques, knowledge and experience for healing different people who suffer from anxiety, depression, addictions, loss of a loved one, abuse and violence, post traumatic stress, imbalances in the hormonal system and many other imbalances.

Daniel also organises shamanic trips to Peru. These trips are meant to initiate the participants in the ancient healing traditions of the Inka by attending shamanic ceremonies that are facilitated by Q’ero shamans. Besides the shamanic work the participants are given an unique opportunity to visit the city of Cusco, The Sacred Valley, and also a fabulous train journey to the ancient city of Machu Picchu. The people that go on these trips are also presented with the unique opportunity to work with Q’ero shamans at the base of the sacred mountain Ausangate also know in the Q’ero world as the “Lord of Manifestation”.

For more information about the trip to Peru that is happening later this year you can access the following link:

Daniel organises shamanic ceremonies, workshops, healing sessions and shamanic consultations in Northern Ireland, Romania and other locations in the world.