Tarot Course - 8 Week Tarot Course

Tarot Course

Tuesday 8th January - 7.00pm to 9:00pm

Venue: 66 Ballymacormick Road, Bangor

Contact: Debi Barr
077 2960 0085


Tue 8th January 2019

8 Week Tarot Course Details

This Tarot course has been designed to provide a more in-depth look at the Tarot and to help you build your confidence and intuition as you learn to read the cards for yourself and other people.
The 8 week course will cover the following topics: -
Week 1 - Major Arcana
We will take a more in-depth look at these 22 cards and study the Fool's Journey to gain a better understanding of the significance of each card. We will take some time to look at the astrological significances of the cards as well as looking at numerology and symbolism to help decode them.
Week 2 - The suit of Swords
This week we will look at the suit of swords, cards 1-10. We will learn the story of these 10 cards (ignoring the Court Cards until later in the course). We will once again look at any astrological significances as well as numerology and symbolism. We will then work with the Major Arcana and the Suit of Swords to look at card combinations and possible meanings as you develop your skills as a reader.
Week 3 - The suit of Cups
As per Week 2 only this time looking at Cups.
Week 4 - The suit of Wands
As per Week 2 only this time looking at Wands
Week 5 - The suit of Pentacles
As per Week 2 only this time looking at Pentacles.
Week 6 - Court Cards
This week we will take the Court Cards from each of the 4 suits and learn the story of how they fit into the Tarot. We will learn how to unravel their meaning and associate them with real people to help you remember them. The Court Cards bring the Tarot to life but are often difficult to get to grips with so this week we will concentrate on these cards and learn how to interpret them when they show up in a reading.
Week 7 - Reversals and Card Combinations
This week we will look at reversed cards and card combinations. We will review what we know so far and also start to put everything together.
Week 8 - Putting it all Together
For the final week we will look at different spreads, weaving the story and how to put it all together to give a detailed reading.

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