Maitri Studio, Belfast, Nitya Rachael Lindsay, Kundalini activation process

Maitri is venue to Kundalini Activation Process workshop

Sunday 16th June - 12.00pm to 2:30pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Nitya (Rachael) Lindsay


Sun 16th June 2019

Kundalini Activation Process with Nitya (Rachael) Lindsay

I am delighted to welcome you to this consciousness and healing modality! This is a taster opportunity to learn about, experience and go deeper (if you're already on the journey) into the aliveness and power of freed up life force energy, while GLORIOUSLY DOING NOTHING! You lie down, listen to music, receive energy transmission and journey through your own energy via spontaneous movement, emotion, visualisations and/or healing energy flow.

I have been practicing in Thailand, Belfast, Dublin, London, Galway and Australia over the last year, and want to offer the opportunity to access this simple and powerful experience of expanded and empowered self, more around Northern Ireland! 

If there is enough interest I will run a series of sessions where you can go deeper and deeper in this journey of unfolding being!

What is Kundalini Aactivation Process?

KAP is a profound inner journey into heightened perceptions, deeper states of awareness, awakening and healing. This process develops EMBODIMENT of spirit force at the cellular level, from the crown through to the root, bringing the effects into life, not just into your meditation or spiritual practice, using music and intuitive energy transmission, on chakra and energy points on the body. You lie down comfortably, listen to music and let the intelligence of your life energy guide you. 

Effects vary from person to person, but common responses are: spontaneous physical movement, emotional catharsis, powerful visualisations, energy flow and all sorts of sensations moving throughout the body. The experiences range from early to later stage kundalini phenomena including identification with the Divine and non-dual experience.

As physical, emotional and mental blockages dissolve, the neural and energetic channels open to the real benefits of KAP. The process connects you to who and what you really are, as you live more and more from the vast intelligence of your life energy and less from the limitations of your thoughts and tensions. Again and again through this work, we've been seeing people dropping their habits and fears, profoundly changing their lives and opening to their true potential, each in their own unique way. Experience a more empowered, life affirming and tuned-in self.

For more about KAP, please click on this link.

About the facilitator

Nitya has been practicing yoga & meditation for 20 years. She graduated as a yoga teacher in the tantric tradition in 2017. More recently she trained as a KAP facilitator with Venant Wong (creator of KAP) in Thailand, a direct student of 3 kundalini masters: Adi da Samraj, Ratu Bagus and Pi Villerasa. She facilitated together with Venant on intensive weekends in Dublin and London, and holds her own open classes, 1-1 sessions and immersions in Ireland and Australia. Nitya is also a Reike-Seichem healer and circus/performance artist & teacher with an MA in Performance Studies. She has also just started a certified course in sexological bodywork. Consciousness, arts and healing are her passion.


*Wear loose comfy clothes you can freely move in
*Avoid eating a lot beforehand (no food if possible for 2 hours before). If you'd like to make the most of the session eat only raw (preferably just fruit) or fast on the day. Only do this if you feel very comfortable with it. There is no requirement to fast or restrict diet. 

*Bring a yoga mat if you can

Booking and payment

Places are limited so payment in advance is highly recommended.
Cost: £25
You can pay via PayPal choosing friends and family (otherwise they take money for an extra product delivery assurance. However, as nothing is being sent to you this doesn't apply) to
Alternatively you can contact me via Facebook or call me on 07872020039 for bank transfer details 

Much love and looking forward to seeing you there!