Saturday 23rd September - 10.00am to 5:00pm

Venue: U3A Foyle, Gransha Park, Derry

Contact: JOANNE McMillan


Sat 23rd September 2017

Psychic Reiki™Level 1; £85

12 Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Activating including the Soul Star, Causal and Stellar Gateway chakras
Clear your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies so that your intuitive gifts can activate and expand. 
Make decisions based on Higher Guidance.

Work with Archangel METATRON and the Psychic Reiki™ guides Bebub and Safriel.
Learn new techniques, meditations and exercises to increase your ability to become a clear intuitive channel. 

Co-Create with the help of the Higher Realms, Ascended Masters, Angels & Archangels.

Raise your vibration to the higher realms of the 5th Dimension.

Understand Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognisance and more.

Produce harmony and balance in your complete being, the aura, chakras and physical body by eliminating Psychic Debris i.e. the thoughts, traumas and negative emotions that we have not dealt with or released. 

Develop a deeper awareness of yourself, the people in your life and the events and experiences you have and their effects.

What is Psychic Reiki™ all about? 
The Psychic Reiki™ Level 1 Attunements 
The benefits of Psychic Reiki™
The source of Psychic Knowledge
The Importance of Being Grounded to our Psychic Abilities
Grounding and the Earth Star Chakra
Grounding Methods
Different Types of Psychic Abilities
Psychic Reiki™ Overseeing Light: Archangel METATRON
Psychic Reiki™ Guides, Bebub and Safriel
Our connection to the Universal Energy Field
Chakras involved in psychic communication
Introduction to the Soul Star, Causal and Stellar Gateway chakras
Psychic Reiki™ 12 Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Activating
Protection and Interacting with others
Supporting your Psychic Development
How to Receive Psychic Guidance
Using Psychic Reiki™ when giving Reiki treatments

This is a fully certified course.

All your tuition, attunements, manual, certificate and follow up support are included.