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Maitri Studio presents Kirtan with Julie & Vic

Sunday 3rd June - 7.00pm to 8:30pm

Venue: 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Claire or Kate


Sun 3rd June 2018

Maitri Studio presents Kirtan: Music to awaken the heart and transform the mind

Come and experience the healing, centering and joyful effects of kirtan chanting- the yoga of music and song.

Chanting is just another form of yoga to help us connect in a more loving way to ourselves and others using sound. Julie, Victor and Paul will lead you in a musical and vocal journey through sacred sounds and mantras, in the form of 'kirtan' - chanting via call and response.

If you're new to chanting, just love music or a good singalong, we'd love to welcome you. This is an exploration of the heart, independent of vocal skill, musical technique or experience.

Like singing, chanting is energising, great fun and it gets us out of our heads and into our hearts. Chanting involves repeating mantras (literally means mind tool / free the mind) that help quiet the mind whilst experiencing the joy of opening and connecting to the heart.

The benefits of chanting can include:

  • Easing an anxious or troubled mind
  • Relaxing tension in the body
  • Opening the heart
  • Being happy and joyful for no good reason!
  • Feelings of natural love
  • Deepening of self-awareness
  • Promoting healthy emotional expression and release.

Chanting is open to everyone.

Payment is £10 to book online and £12 cash on the door. Please give from your heart to honour the gifts of the practice, the space rental, and the musicians in offering their time and practice - thank you.

Please bring along a cushion for comfy sitting - chairs can also be provided, and a bottle of water.

We look forward to sharing a heart-felt evening with you.

Workshop presented by Maitri Studio Belfast.