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Maitri Studio Presents The Orgasmic Heart: An All Love Breathwork

Friday 17th August - 9.30am to 12:00pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Patricia Lubeck


Fri 17th August 2018

The Orgasmic Heart: All Love Breathwork with Patricia Lubeck

When waves of love move through the heart, darkness is transformed. The pain of the past is illuminated and shifts into the radiant lesson of growth it has been all along. Separation disappears. We become one with heart, one with our body, one with the emotions stirring us through life. And one with the sources of all there is. All is love. All Love. 

Whether you are new to healing work, or you are well mastered in many different modalities, the All Love work allows integration and transformation on all levels, often simultaneously and thereby provides such a natural, accessible, and efficient way of dealing with trauma and expereinces of all kinds. Though it can sometimes be an intense experience, the energy is always exactly that, all love. And so you will discover a new found strength and empowerment by taking charge of your own healing process. 

This breathwork led class will give a more gentle process into this kind of healing. Teaching appraoches that have changed the lives of thousands and travelled the world for 40 years, we will also be adding some new tools brought forward more
recently even though they have been passed on the generations through Indian gurus. 

This process has saved my life. I have recovered in short time from a ridiculous amount of trauma and now use this way of healing with my clients, myself, and even through the distance. 

Come and swim with us in the sea of love until you are ready again to fully come into your body and own who you are. We need you on this planet to fully show up each step of the way! 

The cost is £35 or £30 if you bring a friend. Money is never in the way and concessions or payment plans can be arranged. 

You can ask and check in with me about anything that comes to mind! Showering you with Love and anticipation! 

Patricia Lubeck! or 07460821815

Event presented by Maitri Studio