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If you are suffering with physical pain, an ongoing health condition, emotional distress or just not feeling 100%. I can help you regain your health by providing a range of natural medicine. Iain Fost...

Contact: Iain Foster


Angela Bonnar Hypnotherapy


Angela Bonnar Hypnotherapy offers Hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss, smoking cessation, confidence building, depression and much more....

Contact: Angela Bonnar

Phone: 07723395548

Reiki Lisburn, Massage Lisburn, Reflexology Lisburn, Aromatherapy Lisburn, Complimentry Therapy Lisburn, complementary therapies Belfast, Crumlin Glenavy Moira

A diverse team provideing various complementary healing therapies. After a consultation we can form a treatment plan tailored to suit your needs....

Contact: Sharon Wellings

Phone: 07968 959 565


Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle but deeply resourcing treatment suitable for all ages and many conditions. It encourages the body to heal itself...

Contact: Wendy Steele

Phone: 02893373104

Creative Path


A Therapist who uses Creative and Motivational Approaches with Groups & 1-1...

Contact: Ursula McHugh

Phone: 07813124126

Dr Ann Donnelly MB


I am a medical doctor with a passion for the holistic approach to health. I practice, teach & lecture worldwide on energy medicine. Wishing you joy!!!...

Contact: Ann Donnelly

Phone: 07411086064

 David Hefferon Holistic Dentist N Ireland, David Hefferon Mercury-Free Dentist N Ireland, David Hefferon Biological Dentist N Ireland, Holistic Dentist, Mercury-Free Dentist, Holistic Dentist Uk, Holistic Dentistry, Mercury-free Dentistry, Biological Dentistry,

A highly experienced Holistic Dentist, Homotoxicologist and Lecturer who has extensive experience in improving the Wellbeing of his patients. ...

Contact: Dr David Hefferon

Phone: 02890459696

Reflexology, Children's Reflexology, Massage, Pregnancy Reflexology, Teaching parents reflexology to use on their children, Relaxation

Providing reflexology, pregnancy reflexology, aromatherapy massage, natural lift facial massage. Children's Reflexology Classes & Additional Needs. ...

Contact: RoseAnna Gallop

Phone: 07951828125

Tutor for the Children's Reflexology Programme.

I have over 15 years experience in the Complementary Therapy industry and have truly loved each and every one....


Phone: 07500334432

acupuncture, tuina, back pain, shoulder pain, insomnia, headaches, infertility

Natural health solutions with a proven track record to effectively ease pain and injury, treat diseases, fertility and stress....

Contact: Fiona Jennings

Phone: 0777 363 1240

Herbs of Boirche


Herbs of Boirche, Herbal Workshop, Iridology, Herbal Treatments, Nutritional Advice

I am a Master Herbalist of the Western Herbalist tradition combining nutritional advice with iridology to provide individual herbal remedies....

Contact: Joan Howard MH Ir RSA

Phone: 07894 246 672

Mindfulness northern ireland, Meditation northern ireland, Stress Reduction northern ireland, 1-1 therapy, immeasurable minds

Mindfulness & Self-Compassion are simple practices to reduce anxiety, stress & be happier. As a qualified & experienced teacher I help you benefit xx...

Contact: Bridgeen Rea-Kaya

Phone: 07981 623 566

Julie-Anne Mullan


Julie-Anne Mullan. Founder Life Energetics & Way2GoBirthing

stressed? Work/life? Pregnancy? Health Challenges? Give me a call. Free 20-minute taster session: ask for Life Energetics or Body/Emotion Code. Peace....

Contact: Julie-Anne Mullan

Phone: 028 4376 7972 (w)

Eating Disorders, Binge Eating, Obesity and Weight Management

Does Eating Rule Your Life? Take one session with an expert to find out why this is happening and how this can change. ...

Contact: Bridin Mc Kenna

Phone: 07706 705814

shauna gibson

Shauna Gibson is NI's Leading Eating Psychology Coach specialising in food, body, eating, shape & weight concerns using a mind body approach. ...

Contact: Shauna Gibson

Phone: 07968547456

Lucy's Healing Room


LucyLee Bannon, Natural Therapies Directory N

Revive, restore and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul by treating yourself to a relaxing massage or reflexology treatment at Lucy's Healing Room....

Contact: Lucy Lee-Bannon

Phone: 07858707698

Reflexology belfast, Indian Head Massage belfast, complementary therapies belfast, therapy treatments Belfast, Pre-conceptual reflexology belfast, fertility Reflexology Belfast

I combine my medical knowledge as a registered nurse with my therapies to enhance your treatments, providing optimum wellbeing for each client....

Contact: Martina Dunlop

Phone: 07796 197 272

Life Therapies Belfast, Reiki Belfast, Indian Head Massage Belfast, Life Coaching Belfast, Angel Therapy Belfast

Maureen offers support in engaging life's challenges. Her Life Therapies include Reiki, Indian head Massage, Life Coaching and Angel Therapy....

Contact: Maureen Butler

Phone: 028 93 350866

Mil All Natural Balms and Therapies

Mil offers Relexology, Aromatherapy, and Massage and 100% all natural hand-crafted Balms and Oils for your health and well-being....

Contact: Sinéad Mathers

Phone: 028 207 61278

My Nutritional Pal


Food Intolerance Testing, Nutritional Therapy, Weight loss, Infertility, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Acid Reflux, Arthritis, Thyroid Problems, Skin Problems, Depression

Get Hotter, Healthier and Happier by healing the body and mind through Holistic Nutrition, Food Intolerance Testing and Vitamin & Mineral Analysis....

Contact: Leigh Telford

Phone: 07885 751 098

Me at Work

I specialise in fertility and pregnancy reflexology, helping to bring the body back into balance. I also provide nutrition advice and use Iridology....

Contact: Sal Hanvey

Phone: 07801 476 048

Nuala Anne McKeever


nuala mckeever, laughter yoga, belfast, therapist, reflexology, reiki, motivation, inspiration, vision, mentoring

Helping you find Peace of Mind, Health of Body and Serenity of Spirit. Together we will move mountains! Laughter Yoga & Wellness. Groups & 1-1. ...

Contact: Nuala McKeever

Phone: 07703775049

Patricia Lubeck


Usui Reiki, Mindfulness, Aroma Touch Technique, Compassionate Listening

Blessings,why not check out my listing for help around Reiki treatments and courses, trauma processing, womb health and sisterhood, and Yin Yoga! x...

Contact: Patricia Lubeck

Phone: 07460821815

Paula O'Neill Complementary Therapies, Paula O'Neill Complementary Therapies northern ireland, Paula O'Neill Therapies

I offer a vast array of therapies to help you feel better than ever. I work out of 3 convenient locations in Belfast, Limavady and Portglenone...

Contact: Paula O'Neill

Phone: 07734 498571

PEMF You Well


PEMF therapy, Bioresonance therapy, nutrtional therapist, infrared sauna

We have had many success stories from treating with a range of tools to bring your body to optimal health. A place to come detox, heal & relax...

Contact: Kate Meehan

Phone: 07774920539


Physiotherapy, Yoga, Pilates and Wellbeing. See our list of Holistic therapies (ROOM AND STUDIO HIRE ALSO AVAILABLE)...

Contact: Cecilia Timoney

Phone: 028 9083 9110

Psychic Medium, Psychic Fiona, Psychic Fiona Randalstown, Medium Randalstown, Psychic Randalstown

With over 25yrs experience I am an honest, reliable, caring individual who is dedicated to providing the best of my Psychic & Spiritual services...

Contact: Psychic Fiona

Phone: 07973 491 180

Rachel Jones Chiropractic

Offering effective and safe treatment using gentle and specific hands-on techniques to relieve pain caused by restricted joints and muscle spasm. ...

Contact: Rachel Jones

Phone: 02890641111

Rainbow Therapies, colour therapy, bach flower remedies, flower therapy, crystal therapy

Our unique treatment, Rainbow Therapy, combines crystal therapy, flower therapy, Bach flower remedies & metatron colour therapy is truly versatile....

Contact: Sharon Bingham

Phone: 07881658797

Roisin Armstrong


Roisin Armstrong, Roisin Armstrong northern ireland, acupuncture northern ireland

Acupuncture is a comprehensive therapy which works with both the physical and emotional aspects of any health condition to restore the body....

Contact: Roisin Armstrong

Phone: 07770 862 637

Spiral Journey Healing Arts logo, Reiki Treatments & Courses 

Our goal is to help you create a healthy, happy, fulfilling life and assist you on your journey to optimal health in body, mind & spirit. ...

Contact: Mario Abbatiello and Ruth Donald

Phone: 028 9047 3729

hypnobirthing northern ireland, hypnobirthing belfast, susan nicholson hypnobirthing

My focus is family wellness, from Hypnobirthing to family Nutrition. I can tailor my services to your personal, family or activity requirements....

Contact: Susan Nicholson

Phone: 07720 464 589

Synergy Holistic Belfast

With over 20 years in the industry, Synergy Holistic is Belfast's leading complementary health centre. ...

Contact: Synergy Holistic

Phone: 028 9070 9300

The Health and Wellbeing Company, The Health and Wellbeing Company northern ireland

We work with you as an individual & specialise in businesses and professionals who wish to improve the productivity and motivation of their staff...

Contact: Mary Jane Burns

Phone: 07749 931 255

The Soulful Doctor


The Soulful Doctor, Eunice Minford, Esoteric Healing, Consultant Surgeon

Consultant Surgeon & Esoteric Practitioner utilises science, ancient wisdom & the energetic understandings of the whole person to assist with healing...

Contact: Eunice Minford

Phone: 07770 414 758

Tomek Yogasana


I am a yoga teacher who studied in Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Sciences in Mysore, India, ranked among the top 25 yoga institutions in India....

Contact: Tom Faolan

Phone: 07928634868

Wholistic Works

Offering Holistic Therapies in a relaxing clinic in North Belfast where you can escape to a place of tranquillity. Recommended to book appointment. ...

Contact: Theresa Armenta Montes

Phone: 07936977260

Specialists in Pain management and body work, located in Belfast, Castlereagh Road. Products and aftercare items are also stocked in our store....

Contact: Janine

Phone: 02890504695

Willow Therapies


Willow Therapies

I offer a range of therapies aimed at promoting health and wellbeing and managing stress. I also offer intuitive Tarot Card readings. ...

Contact: Eileen Sweeney

Phone: 07711 809296