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Brian Williams Transformational Breath ®

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Brian Williams
Transformational Breath ® Trainer

I have been working with Transformational Breath® since 2012. I found it to be such a profound technique in my own life that I decided to share it with others. My training has taken me many times to Italy as well as Spain and the UK. I became a Certified Facilitator of Transformational Breath® in 2014 and a Certified Trainer in 2016. 


I provide individual sessions from my home in Saintfiled and run workshops in various locations.  Together with Lucy Scott, a Certified Facilitator of Transformational Breath®, we run Reclaim Your Breath weekend courses at Tobar Mhuire Passionist Monastery, Crossgar. With Senior Trainer, Indalecia Ziritt, we hold week-long courses at the same beautiful venue. I also work in Mallorca at Dima Centre for Conscious Living where I run workshops and Reclaim Your Breath weekend events. 

What My Clients Say About Transformational Breath ®

"As a nurse and a therapist who has chronic asthma, I've always been aware of the impact of stress on my health. To find a technique that helps me breath better and to deal with my emotions has been a God send. Now, after six sessions and a Level 1 weekend, I have been able to stop using my second inhaler that was vital to me before. I may be getting older but thanks to Brian and his Transformational Breath® sessions I am also getting healthier."

LS Co. Down

"I went to my first Transformational Breath® session with Brian not knowing much about the experience that I was going to partake. It was my trust in Brian's persona, his spirit and attentiveness to life, that inspired me and suggested me that it was something that I wanted to try.

One of the challenges that was going through my life at the time of my first session were two. First, I wanted to free myself of external pressure in order to be fully open to my creativity, as I needed it for my next performance piece. And second, I was going through a long search for treating my migraines.

The first session was like nothing I could have imagined. I felt that the body had things to say that have been shut. It needed to speak, to express, to release. It was through movement, shaking and drumming that the energy that was trapped was free out of my body. This had a very profound effect on my creativity that unfolded on the months to come and stills continues to permeate in my experience.

For my migraines, the breathing technique that I learnt in the session helped me to clear two of my migraine episodes. Through the Transformational Breath® technique I could stop the migraine to continue to develop. Though, I was able to access to this only twice. So, I know it's available to me but I need more guidance to be able to use it confidently."

P. Mexico


'I felt truly cherished or ’held’ throughout the session and it seemed to me to be a very sacred experience'. 

Sonia Longridge, Belfast

When Brian asked me if I'd be willing to 'trial' a technique he was learning, i was happy to oblige but somewhat sceptical. However, I found the Transformational Breath® sessions, especially the Intention aspect, extremely useful in dealing with a very stressful period. The time set aside for 'breathing' helped immensely in providing a calm period for reflection and strength to deal with multiple pressures.

SC Hillsborough


"The recent Transformational Breath® session which I had with Brian Williams was both interesting and therapeutic. As a complementary therapist myself, there are certain qualities that I insist on when being treated and Brian delivered on all of these points. I found him professional, reassuring and respectful in his interactions with me at all times. The treatment facilitated me in my own healing journey and I would imagine that it would be well worth anyone who is open to spiritual healing exploring this technique with Brian"

Alison McGrenaghan,  Aromatherapist, Reiki Master & Crystal Healer


'My experience of Brian as a Breath Facilitator and workshop organiser was very nurturing. I felt very safe and nothing was too much trouble. He is humorous and heart-centred and I look forward to being in his presence  again in the future'.

 Marie Pullar


Commenting on a Transformational Breath® Workshop at Tobar Mhuire, Crossgar, Adrienne McAllister wrote, 

"This workshop is a wonderful experience. I can highly recommend it and the setting is absolutely beautiful."


I found the experience very uplifting, lots of crying and a release of emotions that had been hoarded for quite some time! I also had a rebirthing experience that was very cathartic; as it felt like a letting go of the trauma I had experience at the birth of my children due to complications with both of their births, this was very profound for me as both my children (now aged 21 and 17) were also taking part in the Transformational Breath® workshop . Toni Campbell


This is not the sort of thing I normally do but I am very happy that I have given it a go.There have been benefits in my life from the very first session with Brian and I have now completed a great weekend workshop too. Apart from what I would describe as more mental or spiritual benefits I have also seen physical ones. I have suffered on and off with back and neck pain since a bad car accident 20 years ago and that pain has vanished since my third session with Brian. If you are thinking about doing breathing I would recommend that you give it a go. 

PC Antrim       


I attended a Reclaim Your Breath event in Palma, Mallorca that was led by Brian. This weekend workshop was my first experiential encounter with Transformation Breath. It was a leap of faith on my part
as TB is still relatively unknown although is clearly on the way to being a mainstream natural therapy. 
In fairness, natural therapy doesn’t do this practice justice. It is a technique that has the potential to heal, repair, cleanse, 
strengthen and deliver the regular practitioner to a place far removed from where they began their journey, using only
the breath. A resource that is available freely to us all at any time and in every place.
The weekend was punctual, structured, explained clearly, informative and supportive. We were fortunate to 
have 3 facilitators, including the Certified Trainer Brian Williams, and the experienced Certified Facilitators 
Sean Herron and Lucy Scott.
The theory behind the therapy is that every individual, including myself, has inherited and accrued emotional experience 
leaving suppressed feelings of grief, frustration, shame and anger etc.  A clue they existed in my case was an irregular breath with long unconscious pauses between the inhale and exhale. Transformational Breath - through the continuous breath cycle opens up the heart and chest (physically and emotionally) to release that suppressed energy in a safe and supported environment.
My experience was profound, as it was for others in the group. I did not want the workshop to end. I felt, clean, light, healthy and energetic afterwards. I will do more workshops, without hesitation, and I am comfortable recommending this practice to anyone. At the very least, it has the potential to enlarge your spiritual horizons and put a 'spring in your step’. Depending on how much time one puts into it, I believe that it can be life-changing in a very positive way.
Nigel Lewis, Palma, Mallorca


I feel like one of the lucky ones to have met Brian and his lovely partner Lucy in Mallorca whilst escaping the Scottish winter this year. Brian introduced me to a truly powerful therapy that I was only vaguely aware of ... breathing, that is to say Transformational Breath®. It’s not as easy as it might at first sound, but wow so worth the effort as the results are profound and lasting. Of course it is different for everyone and different by degrees depending on the intent and the depth we are seeking to delve and the amount we have to let go or be rid of. In fact I have been so impressed that I encouraged my son of 27 to travel out to Mallorca to share and experience the benefits of Transformational Breath® for himself. The irony being his three sessions released so much and took him to levels that I am still striving for, the blessings and openness of youth against nearly 60 years of contained emotions and conditioning.

I guess the best testament I can give is that I am looking forward to my next weekend course which I am already booked on, and to further developing the tools and techniques to use for my own more grounded fulfilled and unencumbered life. Keep right on breathing it feels great! Laird Henderson


B. Henderson -26

I recently visited Brian for three 2-hour sessions to aid in fighting drug addiction. I like most was very sceptical and fearful to start with but Brian was easy going and in no way judgemental. The therapy was not invasive or physically painful and was not a religious ceremony, however it has had a profound affect in all these areas of brain, body, happiness and fatigue.  As well as breaking the hold of a daily long term drug addiction Transformational Breath® relieved me of emotional baggage I didn't know I was still carrying and now I feel a happier, more well-rounded person because of it. I arrived as a critic and left a fan.

 5 star

 The changes our week together brought into my life are very profound. I feel a new, deep connection with my emotions and with my body. Transformational Breath has brought joy and peace as well as an excitement to share it with others. My body feels radiant and healthy, my emotions feel like welcomed friends and I find myself enjoying the present moment more than ever. I enjoyed my stay at Benburb Priory, this serene venue, and couldn’t imagine a better place for transformation to happen. The priory is beautiful, peaceful and a welcoming place, perfect for contemplating the events of the day or taking a refreshing stroll. I loved the simple but private accommodation and delicious homemade food. Victorya Baraya, San Diego, US.


Since this fantastic Transformational Breath course, I feel different, lighter, relieved of a weight inside me and profoundly quiet and confident. I sleep a lot, and I breathe better, with a more open breath. It is a new delicious sensation. When I came back to France, I was put to the test. Some people helped me spontaneously to carry my luggage and to give me directions but a few Pitbulls assaulted me too !!! I saw how the world can be generous while also anxious and tense, but it didn't upset me. Thank you for this incredible week and for the generosity of your facilitation. Marie-Noelle Delatte, Nimes, France

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