Reiki, Meditation, Energy Healing
23 Mar 2019
6 Hours

66 Ballymacormick Road, Bangor, BT19 6AB


Course Overview & Details

Level 2 provides a deeper and more focused connection to Reiki. It is the same energy you are familiar with as a level 1 practitioner only it is deeper and more focused. Whereas Level 1 is like a 40 watt bulb, level 2 is like cranking the wattage up to 60 watts. You must already be attuned to Level 1 before you can proceed to Level 2. You will be introduced to the 3 symbols used in Reiki and you will learn how to perform distance healing. You will also get guidance on treating others and working as a professional Reiki practitioner. ​ Level 2 Training includes: - ​ A review of Level 1 Group meditation work with Reiki Ethics of Treating Others and Using Reiki at Distance The Power Symbol The Harmony Symbol The Connection/Distance Symbol Treating Others as a Professional Therapist 21 Day Healing Process Attunement Process Giving & Receiving Reiki ​ Please note that content may vary slightly depending on guidance. ​ How to Book Your £135 course fee includes your personal tuition, attunement, certificate and on-going support via a closed Facebook group. A £50 non-refundable deposit secures your place with the balance being payable on or before the training date. Please contact us to arrange payment of the deposit. ​ As a Reiki student you can avail of discounted Reiki sessions during your studies. Reiki sessions will be priced at £20 per session saving you £10 - this applies to any sessions taken within 60 days of your attunement. ​ Please note all training is carried out by Debi Barr BA Hons from Rocks n Rituals, a registered Reiki Master Teacher with the Reiki Guild UK and verified Reiki Council practitioner. ​ To book your place simply arrange payment and contact us and we will confirm your place. Please ensure you add to your contacts or safe senders list to avoid our response ending up in your junk folder. If you have not received a reply within 24 hours please check your spam and junk folders and if you cannot find our response please contact us on 0772 960 0085. Important Note for Professional Practice and those wanting to work professionally with Reiki: - ​ There is no compulsory regulation at present for professional Reiki practice, however if you wish to attain the highest standards and voluntarily submit to regulation you will need to complete some additional training. ​ Please note, in accordance with Reiki Council Core Curriculum standards, those wishing to work professionally should take additional modules and provide case studies before receiving their Professional Practitioner Certificate. This information is provided below. ​ For those wanting to go the extra mile and receive a Professional Practitioner Certificate for use in registering with a professional body, gaining the Reiki Council Professional Practice certificate or regulation with the CNHC, please note these additional requirements: - ​ You must take 2 additional modules which are separately payable: - ​ Practitioner Skills Practice Management ​ You must also provide evidence of 75 treatments, 5 of which must be observed by someone competent in Reiki. Debi is willing to help you with these observed sessions and this can be discussed at your practitioner training days. Contact us for more information or book via the links above.


To attend a level 2 workshop you must have completed the attunement process for Level 1 Reiki.


A recent student, Shauna, who received her Reiki attunements in level 1 and level 2 last year has kindly agreed to allow her comments to be posted to give you an insight as to how Reiki has changed her outlook on life for the better: - "I first tried Reiki treatments a couple of years ago when I was feeling particularly fed up with life. I can honestly say that it has been a real benefit to me. It has totally changed my outlook on life and this is what prompted me to take the level one training. Every treatment tends to produce different results, whether physical, mental or emotional, and sometimes the effects are more obvious than others. However, I have never come away from a treatment without feeling refreshed and like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. What has really turned my life around is the spiritual aspect of the energy. It sounds like a cliché but I had long lost all faith in conventional religion when Reiki opened up the world of spirituality to me. I feel so much happier and calmer now in the knowledge that none of us are alone in the world and that there is definitely something bigger than us out there. However, there is no judgement involved, no prescribed thinking or dogma; each person can take what they want out of their treatments. I would say that a lot of my friends and colleagues are still a little cynical or wary of Reiki as they think it sounds a bit too airy fairy. However, when asked, they would definitely say that I cope with life a lot better than I used to, as I am more content and optimistic. I reckon there’s nothing to lose, why not give it a chance and try at least one treatment? And the beauty is that if you do feel it’s for you, there’s nothing to stop you becoming a practitioner yourself, even if only for your own use. I really can’t recommend it enough!"

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Debi Barr is a Reiki Master Teacher and has been teaching Reiki since 2012. In 2016 she launched a new Reiki School Training Programme which provides students with the most comprehensive Reiki training available. She also offers regular crystal workshops, angel connection classes and Tarot teaching. Please visit www.rocksnrituals.co.uk for more information.

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