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Maitri Studio is venue to Baby massage with Cecilia (October 2022)

Wednesday 19th October - 10.15am to 11:15am

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Cecilia Rushe


Wed 19th October 2022

Join Cecilia from The Nurtured Baby Hub for 5 weeks of baby massage

Baby massage with Cecilia

The 5 week block begins on Wednesday 19th October 2022 10.15-11.15am here at Maitri Studio.

If you'd like to learn a life-long skill, and also have the opportunity to socialise with other parents and babies then baby massage is for you. Baby massage is a lovely way to enjoy spending time with your new baby. Before babies can understand language, we mostly communicate and comfort them through the simple power of human touch. Massaging your baby is a great way to show your baby they are loved and help them to feel secure, safe, and nurtured.

There are many baby massage benefits such as,

  • Helps you to really bond and interact with your baby
  • Encourages your baby to relax and may aid sleep
  • May soothe your baby if they are suffering from colic or teething problems

Sessions run over five weeks, same time and day every week. Each week covers a different body part and in the final week you will cover a full body routine, all the way from the tips of your baby’s tiny toes to the top of their little head. You will become your baby’s very own personal masseuse.

The age ranging for baby massage is from six weeks old until your baby is six months, or very actively crawling.

Cecilia will provide a sample of oil that you may use on your baby and will also provide class handouts every week, so that you can practice at home and maybe even get the rest of the family involved.

Come along, learn a life long skill, see so many amazing benefits in action, all while allowing time for you and baby to socialise.

There are very limited numbers, so if you want to bring yourself and your baby to a real live class, move quick. For more information or to book your place, please click on this link here or contact Cecilia on 07732894168 or

We hope to see you very soon!