Embodied Listening, Therapists, Health Practitioners, Elmfield Institute,

Embodied Listening for Therapists & Health Practititioners

Wednesday 23rd September - 9.30am to 4:30pm

Venue: Elmfield Estate, 23 Moyallan Road, Gilford

Contact: Jane Shaw



Wed 23rd September 2020

Embodied Listening for Therapists & Health Practititioners

For a client to be truly met at the level of their being is one of the most healing events. We can do this through deep listening and empathetic presence.

This 2-day class is designed for all therapists and health practitioners who wish to develop their embodied listening skills for clinical practice. Based on the principles of the neuroscientist Stephen Porges Social Engagement System and Polyvagal Theory, and practices of craniosacral therapy, Jane Shaw will take you through exercises and techniques for whole body deep listening. 

  • learn how to be more present for your clients
  • establish healthy boundaries in clinical practice
  • develop tools and techniques to ground yourself when with a challenging client
  • experience how your presence affects the clinical container
  • develop an awareness of what is unseen in the therapeutic field
  • enjoy time out for yourself as therapist in beautiful tranquil natural surroundings

This workshop is for anyone working in health and wellbeing including psychotherapists, counsellors, bodyworkers, yoga teachers, primary care health practitioners, social workers.