Fertility Reflexology

Saturday 20th June - 9.30am to 5:30pm

Venue: North Star Health & Wellbeing , Unit 3A1, Benbow Industrial Estate Eglinton

Contact: Dorothy Kelly


Sat 20th June 2020

Sat 27th June 2020

Fertility Reflexology Training

The learner will have a greater understanding of the causes of infertility. How it affects emotionally and physically the client and her partner.  The treatment options available for the diagnosis of infertility for both the male and female client.

Discuss how Reflexology can help the client. Demonstrate the use of practical and specific Reflexology techniques on the client throughout the menstrual cycle.   Recognise and signpost the client for additional support.

Theory: The student must have a good knowledge of A&P of female and male reproductive systems as evidenced through prior qualification. During the course there will be discussion of the reproductive systems of both male and female including conditions which can affect the normal functioning of either including medical tests and investigations involved in the diagnosis of fertility.

  • Definition of fertility and its application to the male and female client.
  • Discuss the Female cycle and the methods used to plot and identify ovulation via charting and temperature.  Signs and symptoms of ovulation and abnormalities of the cycle.
  • Take a full client history to assist the treatment plan.
  • Identify the Treatment options available for both allopathic and complementary clients - include both unexplained, those preferring natural approaches as well as those undergoing Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) - IVF or ICSI.
  • The importance of diet & nutrition to develop the optimum egg and sperm for conception.

Practical work: Students will be given the opportunity to master techniques specifically for use with fertility clients as well as reflexology techniques adapted for use in this field for those clients requiring support during Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) – IVF, IUI or ICSI.  Participate in activities to embed the theory and assist with the treatment process/plan.

Qualification requirements: submission of 3 x 3 case studies and 2 assignments.  Upon successful completion of these Certificate of Reflexology will be awarded.  The course is recognised and accredited by FHT and CThA.                          

Total course investment is £250 and deposit £50 will secure your place on this popular course. This following link is for course payments: https://www.dorothykellyacademyofreflexology.com/book-and-pay-all-courses.html