Maitri Studio, Belfast, Brian Cunning, shamanism

Maitri is venue to Introduction to Shamanism (February 2020)

Monday 20th January - 7.45pm to 9:45pm

Venue: Maitri Studio Limited, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Brian Cunning


Mon 20th January 2020

Mon 3rd February 2020

Mon 17th February 2020

Join Brian Cunning in this course on shamanism

Over the course duration of fortnightly classes participants will be introduced to the basic techniques involved in practical shamanism. The course content will include the following:

• Shamanic Journey with the drum
• Finding your power animal
• Guided meditation
• Exploration of Shamanic State Consciousness (SSC)
• Shamanic world view
• Shamanic healing and cleansing
• Shamanic techniques and tools
• Working with Shamanism in the land

The course will run fortnightly for 7 weeks and concludes with an experiential site-specific visit to a local sacred landscape. Each class will be comprised of a two-hour session of practical techniques and accompanying instruction. Typically this will involve the following core practice, guided meditation and relaxation (15 minutes), drumming with intent (15 minutes), Shamanic journey with the drum (30 minutes), Shamanic ritual and tool development (30 minutes), dialogue and Q&A session (30 minutes).

Mondays from 7.45-9.45pm, 6th & 20th January | 3rd & 17th February | 2nd, 16th & 30th March.

The course cost is £25 daily rate.
If block booking, pay in advance £50 on first class, with remainder by third class £100.
If paying in full by first class £135 early bird discount.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient tradition of living in harmony with creation that strives to strike a balance between mind, body and spirit for the overall good of the community and the world around them. Shamans practice techniques that involve trance like states into non-ordinary or altered states of being, or what we call Shamanic State Consciousness (SSC). While in these states of SSC the Shaman experiences deep insightful meaning and instruction from spirits, animal helpers and guides. Upon return to ordinary reality the Shaman then empowers, heals and restores the balance required for well being to them and the members of their community.

Brian Cunning has been working in Shamanic techniques for over 26 years. He has facilitated group meditation classes and is an accomplished Tarot Reader. He specialises in Celtic Shamanism, and Shamanic Spirit Craft tool making. He is a qualified Advanced Shamanic Practitioner & Shamanic Counsellor accredited by the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies. Brian is also a qualified and practising Artist and performer with a BA (Hons) in Fine and Applied Arts.

To book your place on either course or for more information please email Brian at: or ring 07792474753.

Brian offers 1:1 Shamanic consultations in the Lily Room at Maitri Studio at £45 for an hour's session or £80 for two hours, to be paid via PayPal. Longer sessions are available. An initial consultation is £30 for one hour. Please contact Brian for availability.