Psychic Night in Portrush

Thursday 30th April - 8.00pm to 10:00pm

Venue: The Atlantic Hotel Portursh, Portrush

Contact: 07973 491180


Thu 30th April 2020

Psychic Night in Portrush

A Psychic Night at The Portrush Atlantic Hotel

Thursday 30th April 2020 

(8pm Pay in at the door £12 

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promises to be a night filled with excitement, laughter, tears and amazement as Fiona seamlessly connects to your loved ones in Spirit with shocking accuracy.


This will be a truly unique night as Fiona’s demonstrations never cease to astound audiences as she works her magic with the oldest form of mediumship “Flower Sentience”.


What is Flower Sentience, you ask?.  It is a Gift from Spirit.  Fresh flowers will be picked at the request of the Spirit communicator and then dressed accordingly, by Fiona, to illustrate the Spirits’ life story.  


Fiona's shows are remarkable, funny, emotional, touching and deeply healing as she effortlessly connects to your loved ones above.  These Heaven sent Flowers are incredibly special and have lasted longer in some cases due the spiritual influence and undying love.  The flowers are breathtakingly magnificent, a representation of a personal memory, characteristic or charming story of the loved ones life, and are a special keepsake of this reconnection of love. This event will be exceptional, remarkable and night not to be missed.  Purchase your tickets or reserve your seat 


Fiona's demonstrations and workshops have taken her all over the world to places such as Norway, Slovenia, Gurnsey, America, Spain, England to name but a few of the counties she returns to regularly. For one night only she brings her very special talent to Portrush.


Be part of an evening of magical mediumship as Fiona Stewart Williams, International Psychic Medium brings her new amazing tour to your Town. Demonstrating one of the oldest forms of mediumship "Flower Sentience" the gift from Spirit coupled with her Up Front and Personal Touch this event is second to none as Fiona effortlessly connects to your loved one with staggering accuracy. A tangible spiritual experience for all to feel and witness.


Deeply compassionate, compelling and sometimes shocking Fiona events illustrate just how our loved ones still shape, form and influence our life from the Spirit World. Fiona shares her remarkable gift by bringing comfort in the knowledge that our loved ones still draw close and guides us every day.


Fiona opens up her events and connects with loved ones in a truly emotional and compassionate way. She will bring you the very best of her gift as she explains how our loved ones connect with us on a daily basis.