Social engagement in a time of social isolation: a Polyvagal-informed online workshop for

Social engagement in a time of social isolation

Friday 29th May - 2.00pm to 4:00pm

Venue: online, online

Contact: Jane Shaw


Fri 29th May 2020

Social Engagement in times of social isolation

This 2-hour webinar will explore social isolation, social distancing and connection from a Polyvagal Theory perspective. According to Dr. Stephen Porges we use social engagement as a means to regulate our fear and anxiety but how can we adapt to the current situation. How can we better listen and relate to each other, as a means to co-regulate and self-regulate our nervous systems? 

The webinar will share simple tools and techniques which can be used in your professional or personal life as well as covering the basic theory of Polyvagal Theory. The exercises are based on finely attuned body awareness practices of biodynamic craniosacral therapy and the science of trauma recovery.

  • learn the foundational principles of the Polyvagal Theory
  • learn practices for better co-regulation, how to better relate to others from a distance
  • develop inner safety as a means to reduce anxiety and stress
  • explore useful co-regulating tips for video conferencing
  • revise your resources for resiliency
  • develop tools and techniques to ground yourself 
  • explore ways to develop meaningful connection using awareness of body physiology


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