Maitri Studio, Belfast, Rowan Sterk, breathwork, sound bath, inner circle, voice work

Maitri Studio is venue to Breathing into Wholeness ~ Breath & Sound

Thursday 13th January - 5.30pm to 6:30pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Rowan Sterk


Thu 13th January 2022

Sat 29th January 2022

Join Rowan for an intimate transformative breath & sound class


Breathe with deep surrender to embody wholeness By becoming one with the breath we attune to life Our breath carries frequencies & codes of our highest potential Let go into the truth of the heart ~ the unified field Give birth to your primal voice, which emerged from the void Surrender to that void in order to embody the love that you are Breathing in a conscious connected way enables this process The fullest expression of your authentic Self True pure joyful essence I AM

Come and renew yourself with the power & grace of connected breathing and resonant healing sound. Join Rowan Sterk for an intimate transformative BREATH & SOUND workshop, to connect with your inner world and body in a safe, grounded and non-overwhelming way.

Do you want to live more fully? The way we breathe is the way we live!

The breath session offered in this workshop involves breathing at your ‘edge’, in a circular way, without pause. This way of breathing allows the limiting and unconscious breathing and holding patterns that no longer serve to be experienced, surrendered and released. Hidden aspects held in the body, both positive and negative, will be revealed. True feelings and emotions are expressed and the closed shadow areas in the body (subconscious) will start opening up.

Breathing and relaxing into what arises creates the opportunity to embrace all aspects of Self and ultimately relax into our true nature. The ultimate intention of this workshop is to facilitate and nurture a remembrance of our connection to our inner source, the living fire within our Heart.

All you need is to breathe gently but steadily and to trust the process. Come as you are.

Discover how to allow your body to breathe authentically, to take in life without restriction.

  • Expand Your Breath
  • Heal Negative Emotions
  • Reduce Stress
  • Enhance Sleep
  • Soothe the nervous system
  • Heal your Body
  • Embody Presence & Peace
  • Free Yourself from Limiting Beliefs
  • Clear Past Trauma
  • Strengthen the Respiratory System
  • Detox Yourself

Experience the joy & power that comes with Conscious Connected Breathing.

The workshop will start at 1pm till 4:30pm. The programme includes meditation, intention setting, approx. one hour connected breathing, transformational voice work, deep rest, a s oundbath and a closing circle.

  • Investment: £60 Concessions available: £50
  • There's a maximum capacity of 11 people.
  • It's expected you pay a non-refundable deposit of £20 to secure your space. Ask Rowan for bank details.

We will provide yoga mats, blankets and some cushions. You'll be lying down for the most part of this workshop, so make sure you bring extra things to make sure you're comfortable, like a thick mat or sheepskin and an extra pillow, and maybe even your favourite blanket. You might want to wear various layers of clothing, as you could go from being cold to hot, and vice versa. Bring a bottle of water.

To book your space or for more information, get in touch with Rowan Sterk on 07932054571, via email: or on Facebook: