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Iyengar yoga with Maura - beginners 6-week course

Sunday 8th January - 9.00am to 10:15am

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Maura Gribben
028 9099 2428


Sun 8th January 2023

Iyengar yoga with Maura - beginners 6-week course Sundays 9-10.15am

Maura returns with Iyengar yoga classes for active beginners in person at Maitri Studio.

Maura is passionate about yoga and experiences the many benefits which comes from regular yoga practice, from increased strength and flexibility and improved posture to peace of mind, reduction in stress and tension and a much more balanced outlook on life.


  • Iyengar beginners class: Sunday mornings 9-10.15am, in person only for all the advantages of group support and teacher input!
  • Starts Sunday 8th January.

SPECIAL OFFER £50 for the first 6 weeks - book online here.

This is an active class that will introduce you to the spectrum of yoga, focusing on the asanas (poses) and including breath awareness and relaxation. You will learn the basics in standing, seated and supine poses and start to practice inversions. There is a deep foundation in Iyengar yoga of understanding the body, breath and mind through asanas and breath observation. You will sometimes use props such as blocks or blankets to help you find new ways of observing and moving the body, aiming to find stability and ease of body and mind. At the same time you will build strength and stamina, flexibility and mobility.

Curious? Read this article for a bit more on Iyengar yoga or drop us an email

For existing students, usual class passes apply and you're welcome to attend. If you bought a pass before the Christmas holidays we'll extend it for the couple of weeks Maura was away. Register and book for all classes through the student portal as usual.