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Maitri is venue to Trancendent Yoga Dance with Halli Bourne

Saturday 26th October - 7.00pm to 9:00pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Claire or Kate


Sat 26th October 2019

Trancendent Yoga Dance with Halli Bourne

We are delighted to welcome Halli Bourne, certified life coach and a senior yoga and meditation teacher, visiting our corner of the world from the US.

Halli offers two workshops with us: this Trancendent Yoga Dance and earlier in the day the yoga nidra workshop. On Friday 25th October she is over at Santosha in Lisburn with Getting Unstuck with Yoga (book through Santosha).

Trancendent Yoga Dance

A community odyssey of ritual, breath, yoga, and freestyle movement inspired by groove-driven music 7-9pm


Do you ever yearn to lose yourself in the flow of dance and music in the spirit of universal love and healing? Ready to bring community power to what needs transforming in your life?


In the tradition of tribal culture where communities come together for healing and ceremony, Trancendent Yoga Dance takes you on a journey where dance is prayer and music is celebration. Enter into a respite from intellectual thought through this sensual guided exploration of breath and organic, creative movement. Open to your unique expression from your most fundamental human yearning for joy and connection, allowing the rhythm of ritual to draw you into an egoless state of exultation and transformation. This stirring voyage is led to the beat of the best trance music. Dance experience is unnecessary!



  • Connect with shared intention and authentic physical expression
  • Open to the potential for pure, unadulterated joy
  • Release pent-up emotion and receive physical and spiritual healing

Book online through Maitri Studio £20 or £5 discount if you book the Yoga Nidra workshop too (£35 for both).

About Halli

Halli Bourne, based in the US, helps her students and clients transform change and loss into opportunities for self-knowledge, personal power and self-actualization. Working with seekers and creatives, she provides tools, teachings, and practices to infuse life with meaning, sensuality, and inspiration. She believes true happiness and a sense of purpose comes from creating internal spaciousness, self-compassion, and authenticity.

Halli is a certified life coach, and a senior yoga and meditation teacher. She aims to live a wild and precious life as a psychonaut, uncovering paths to physical and spiritual healing and transcendence. She is a licensed (non-practicing) massage therapist, a certified craniosacral therapist, a reiki master, an actor, director, poet, writer, musician/songwriter, dancer, and visual artist. She has a B.A. in theatre arts and sees life as an organic unfolding of ineffable spirit… an opportunity to live every moment with passion and human artfullness.

"came to yoga after a near-fatal car accident, where I broke both of my legs and pelvis and was told it was unlikely I would walk again. The near-death experience revealed the difference between the eternal self and the ego self and this awareness took me to yoga only three months after I'd begun walking again. Yoga became a path of healing and an investigation into the true nature of humanity; this understanding infuses all the teachings I offer from a very personal place because I've not only studied yoga, but have lived it."