ivan bell osteopath, osteopath, osteopath Northern ireland, hip pain, help with headaches, back pain during pregnancy

Ivan Bell Osteopath

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3 Granville Drive, Hillsborough, BT26 6DE

Ivan Bell osteopath, osteopath northern ireland, hip pain, sports injuries, help with headaches, back pain during pregnancy

Ivan Bell Osteopath Experience

Having had my own sports injuries treated very successfully by an osteopath I made a career change and qualified in Osteopathy in 1984. After practising part-time for 3 years I started in full-time practice in December 1987 and I’m still here, and still loving it, 28 years later.

My practice is situated in Hillsborough, Co. Down and, being virtually right on the A1 dual carriageway (Belfast to Dublin), is very easily accessed from most parts of the country.


10 top tips for back care

• Keep moving and stretching gently - if in doubt ask me
• Take regular exercise
• Take frequent breaks between repetitive tasks
• Change position - avoid computer strain!
• Pace yourself when you are doing heavy work such as gardening
• Adjust car seats and, on long journeys, have breaks and stretch gently
• Try not to carry bags on one shoulder
• Avoid back strain when lifting especially young children and heavy shopping.  If in doubt ask me for advice
• Is your bed the right bed for you?
• Seek advice from me earlier rather than later about any back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, elbow pain, leg pain or knee pain.  Your car needs a regular MOT and so might you!

What my patients say

Having long been a patient of Ivan’s, I like the way he works “with” me rather than “on” me. He is a great listener and takes into account all you say. I always leave him feeling “normalised” again – and with a smile !    C.B.

I have been a patient of Ivan’s since 1985. Now he is so experienced he can treat one through one’s clothes, and usually with very few visits. Brilliant.    H.A.I.K.
On many occasions over the years Ivan’s skill and knowledge have “resurrected” me from a considerable number of very painful injuries.    B.J.B.

Ivan has successfully treated back, neck, hip, knee and ankle problems that I have had from time to time over the past 27 years. He has also cured sciatic pain suffered by my two daughters during pregnancy, and the migraines suffered by other friends.     A.G.

As a writer, I often wonder how many novels I could have completed without the physical skill of Ivan Bell and his tactful guidance on both posture and well-being. So called writer’s cramp is by no means confined to the neck and I am eternally grateful to Ivan for mitigating the more unfortunate side effects of a high stress activity.         A.D.    

The legacy of my competition swimming was a shoulder injury that could have left me with little capacity in my right hand. Never let anyone persuade you that old sports injuries have to be lived with till you see what a good osteopath like Ivan can do for you.     P. D.

Opening Hours - Ivan Bell Osteopath Practice

My Osteopathy Appointments:    

8:45am - 4:45pm  -  Monday, Tuesday & Thursday                             
11:45am – 7:00pm  -  Wednesday
8:00am – 11:30am  -  Friday


Therapy Categories

Call today, Ivan may be able to help you with:

  • Ankle pain,
  • Back pain,
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome,
  • Fibrositis,
  • Headache,
  • Hip pain,
  • Joint pain,
  • Knee pain,
  • Leg pain,
  • Muscle pain,
  • Neck pain,
  • Osteoarthritis,
  • Pelvic pain,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Repetitive strain injury,
  • Sciatic pain,
  • Shoulder pain,
  • Sport's injuries,
  • Sprains,
  • Tennis elbow

Ivan's Therapies:

  • Osteopathy

Ivan Bell Osteopath

Registered Osteopath of The Institute of Osteopathy & General Osteopathic Council.

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Registered with BUPA & other main insurers.


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