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Way2GoBirthing is a service I created to offer a unique emotional support service to mums, dads and professional birth workers especially in the context of pregnancy stress and little 't' or Big 'T' birth trauma. Identify from this list the points that pertain to your situation and lets talk. Rather than feel you have a long way to go alone, let's do some teamwork towards success!



Pregnancy pressures vary from coping with a changing body, anxiety about birth, responding to crises at work, in the family or finding it hard to fit into the medical orientation of birth in our community. I support you through change of birth plan, loss of job/home, bereavement.

One common trigger for stress is birth trauma from a previous pregnancy. This may have been dealt with 'headwise', but more may need to be done to clear persistent symptoms of stress. Many (self-, birth professional-) referrals I receive are from mums in a second or third pregnancy who had a difficult first birth. One or two sessions clears your feeling of emotional stuckness very gently, turning things around, making pregnancy enjoyable!

Another common stress factor comes from not knowing what to expect. Not that I can tell you what will happen, but so often women just need to talk about their own birth, previous births, conception, beliefs and limitations they fear will stand in the way of cooperation between mind and body. These stresses make you forget how resourceful you really are, and what a lot of experiences you can bring to new situations with the new baby. Becoming a family isnt easy - you and partner ought not to feel alone, so way2gobirthing is a support then too.

Birth is a process of nature. What every woman needs is to discover ways of cooperating with your body. The preparation is not the same for everyone! I specialise in 38-42week mum support, nearly always by phone/skype, so you can Zumba  (metaphorically speaking) into the birth Zone! It isnt about where you intend to birth: it's how you respond to nature's work in a lovely way.



Mothers of colicky babies often find their way to Way2GoBirthing simply because the approach you can expect is somewhat unusual, but effective! What is unusual is that a phonecall helps more than you might imagine - I have specialist training in working at a distance. Feedback from satisfied and relieved mums is a testimonial to success. Mums still want to know they will get medication, operation, knowledge from other sources and use Way2GoBirthing as an adjunct. Every mum, every baby is different. So is every session. Baby sessions merit baby fees, so no need to worry about the cost.



It is possible to feel stressed from long hours, and when you are passionate about your work, time and energy balance are so important. Way2GoBirthing helps professionals with skills, tips, techniques and therapy for secondary birth trauma.



Become a family the minute baby is born. Become an even bigger family when the next baby has arrived. Way2GoBirthing understands transition - not to be ignored, hastened or overlooked. Rather it is to be embraced. it is a time for each person to bring their strengths to the new needs of the moment. Keeping in loving touch with your partner, maintaining quality communication with others including existing children and family isnt as hard or as easy as 'just do it'. Keeping in touch with Way2GoBirthing on a daily basis for a couple of weeks by phone/text is the most modern and effective way to connect. So this is what we do for you and with you.


Life Energetics system  founded by Julie-Anne over 20 years in private practice ethical and professional practice forms the basis for connecting with you. We are equal in this dynamic contract of helper/helpee: we are just different. Many hands make light work! It is holistic - body/mind/emotions/spirit. It is classical as well as modern - therapy and tips and techniques from a vast range to suit your hopes, dreams and wishes. We are repectful of all births, all parents, all babies.



Way2GoBirthing ~ Pregnancy Stress & Birth Healing.

Bringing your baby into the world should be a true joy… 
the Birth Year can be a time when both mums(-to-be) and dads can feel anxious for very good reason. Way2GoBirthing is here to support you through. It might be a constant, or just a passing thing.  We can check are you being influenced unnecessarily by trapped emotions, teach you self-hypnosis for birth, give dads things to think about in terms of changing roles - manning up to hold the baby gently, kindly, sensitively, lovingly

Best for your baby and your body
Concerned about  birth? Women with history of intimacy issues find the little things difficult. I know. Together we build your confidence in your own ability to birth your baby. This includes managing symptoms of stress.

Birth Healing for Mums, and Dad before your next baby is conceived.
Do you experience flashbacks, insomnia, regret or sadness about any aspect of your baby's birth? You wont find a more complete, effective, gentle experience of healing anywhere in Northern Ireland. This service is unique, beautiful, lasting.

For mums(-to-be), and dads and birth professionals  
Professional, accredited and experienced, your sessions with me give you emotional, physical and mental relief; so you can enjoy your baby more than you believe possible!

• Fourth Trimester - adapting to your new role
There is so much to learn, know and integrate on your journey. I support new mums and dads to soothe the transition, helping with bonding and empowerment through your new parenting experience.

• Coping with loss
if, recently, 5 years ago, 15 years ago, no matter how long ago you suffered loss of a baby, it’s possible your experience went unacknowledged and unresolved. Please contact me if you would like to telll your story, change how you feel now, bring ease and new perspectives to your experience. I support Molly & Mia Foundation mums for exactly this purpose.

Flexible Support
Briefly or as long as you need at any stage during the Birth Year. Sessions and packages beginning at £75 are tailored to suit your needs, your budget, and your busy schedule.

Way2Go = teamwork!
You may feel that you have a long way to go or feel alone on your journey. Together we make you a great team!

Pregnancy support unique to you. Fills the gaps general antenatal providers leave open.

Buy your man a voucher to attend his own "Lad to Dad" session. 1.5hrs £69

Phone (028)437 67972 for baby issues - a trouble shared is a trouble halved. £10

Toddlers £15, Scholars £20, Students/Concession £25, Adults £40.



" I love my job because mamas love the results." Julie-Anne

" Thank you! After your phonecall with me, the baby settled, latched on and is feeding well, also at night." Mum to Hannah, 4mths.

The Body Code

The human body has a powerful ability to heal itself if conditions are right, so making those conditions right is what I do.

A Body Code session of which Emotion Code is a part, is like talking to an expert in physical, mental, emotional and spirit balance who commonly addresses life challenges from an energy perspective. As Northern Ireland's sole qualified practitioner I offer sessions four days per week via a phonecall/skype appointment 30mins/£45.   This is the fastest growing advanced method for rebalancing energy and it works for your life, your living, your loving.

NB Body Code practitioners neither diagnose, prescribe, treat nor offer to cure. You doctor does. When you are feeling better, discussing with your gp about reducing medications or altering treatments will make total sense.

Trapped emotions are the underlying cause of 80% of painful symptoms, confusion, and depression. They create stuckness in the body that develops into pain - we think of pain as the body shouting 'help' from the heart. It’s like clearing a damn in a river to assist the natural flow.  Persistant concerns are represented by symptoms of disease. Go to your GP first.  If medication helps but doesnt eradicate symptoms, that would be an appropriate time to book a Body Code session, just to check how well your energy systems (like acupuncture pathways) are working and rebalance where necessary.

Book a 3x or 5x package to reduce costs.

Worldwide 100+ BC and 1,000 EC practitioners worldwide. Julie-Anne is the first practitioner to have been certified in Ireland North and South. 

Tear down your Heart Wall & Build Relationships. Feeling healthy in body and mind, but lacking that special relationship? Body Code is gentle, rewarding, and effective in tearing down the Heart Wall. Opens you to new people, places, pets and things! Side effects include feeling calmer, more open and free to give and receive love.


For personal support by phone and in person, call me: +(0)28 4376 7972 Mon-Fri 10.00am - 5pm and let's arrange an appointment.


Breathe, lift the phone, and take the first step. Just like these people, who said:


"Thank you so much for your kindness, listening ear and gentle healing." Sheila, Body Code.

"I love that you are equipped with so many skills and draw on them in the most appropriate way to give the best opportunity to heal in that moment..." Stephanie, Life Energetics

"The results are subtle and deep." Mary, Life Energetics

"Now I feel personal pride, a sense of accomplishment." Birth healing client, BC/EC/EFT.

I am able to cuddle my son again. He is changed for the better. Happier and confident. F. R.  France via Skype

Master Trainer EFT, AAMET Accredited & Certified - Practitioner Mentor, Supervision

EFT practitioners in Northern Ireland provide a crucial service to the public. I can help.

I offering time and expertise to the home EFT'er who wants to deepen knowledge and upskill family support.

Level 3 - to fulfill criteria* for becoming a registered AAMET EFT practitioner (case study requirements vary) - refresher hours are an option.

Level 2 - develop your skill as you begin to work with others professionally.

Level 1 - learn EFT for your personal development and support family & friends.


You are welcome to phone and discuss your needs. Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri 9am-12noon

Julie-Anne says: leave a message, and I will return your call.





Julie-Anne Mullan

CREATOR Life Energetics

FOUNDER Way2GoBirthing

B Soc Sciences, MA Development Studies


Body Code Practitioner CBCP

Hypnosis GQHP, GHR Nr 659  

NLP Master

Reiki Master & Teacher

Birth Trauma Specialist


"In Their Own Words: Health and Wellbeing in people affected by the NI Troubles as told by the people themselves", Trauma Advisory Panel, SHSSB, June 1996

Therapy Categories

  • Body Code / Emotion Code,
  • Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT],
  • Hypnotherapy,
  • Matrix Birth Reimprinting,
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming,
  • Personal Development,
  • Reiki,
  • Stress Management,
  • Vibrational Medicine

Call today, Julie-Anne may be able to help you with:

  • Child - emotional,
  • Energy imbalance,
  • General health & wellbeing,
  • Low energy,
  • Panic attacks,
  • Phobias,
  • Post traumatic stress disorder,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Raising confidence,
  • Relationship difficulties,
  • Self belief,
  • Stress

Julie-Anne's Therapies:

  • Body Code / Emotion Code,
  • Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT],
  • Hypnotherapy,
  • Matrix Birth Reimprinting,
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming,
  • Personal Development,
  • Reiki,
  • Stress Management,
  • Vibrational Medicine

We can address any range of symptoms and circumstances. 

We get to the heart of the matter utilising a seamless blend of classical and modern modalities,mLife Energetics.

You can expect a dose of good common sense, stress management training, empowerment in

 "your life, your living, your loving"

Julie-Anne Mullan





Freebie Fridays 10-1pm for mums and babies in budget tight circumstances.

Appointments may be booked via my website www.julieannemullan.com