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Maitri Studio is venue to Yin Yoga with Lucie (April 2024)

Monday 8th April - 7.45pm to 9:00pm

Venue: Maitri Studio, 4 The Mount, Belfast

Contact: Lucie Chenet Rea
(00)+33 66 7573345 (use WhatsApp)


Mon 8th April 2024

Yin Yoga with Lucie on 8th April 2024

Join regular teacher Lucie for a slightly longer and much slower class than usual on the 8th of April in Sunflower room. It will run after the weekly hatha class so from 7.45pm until 9pm.

Yin Yoga is a challenging yet rewarding style of yoga where practitioners hold poses for few minutes. The aim is to create healthy "stress" in the joints and to find a place of calm by bringing the body and breath to stillness.

This one-off class is accessible to all regardless of levels of practice and experience. It is as much a physical practice as it is a mental one - when we still the body we become more aware of the mind and of its intricacies, a perfect opportunity for reflection!

A LOT of options and versions of each pose will be given to all prior to getting into them. Bolsters, blocks and blankets will be used in copious amounts to get you into the pose that your body can hold for a certain amount of time.

A long savasana and an opportunity for meditation will be given to you towards the end of the practice when the body is being put to rest after working hard.

Book through Lucie's booking system here, £10 for 1h15 of delight - event is at the bottom of the welcome page : BOOKING HERE

For any questions or special requirements please email :