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Reflexology for Pregnancy 

Reflexology for pregnancy

During a maternity reflexology treatment, gentle techniques are used to nurture both mother and baby. Reflexologists adapt the pressure and may vary the length of each session or ask the woman to sit or lie down in a particular position depending on the stage of pregnancy.

What is the difference between regular reflexology and maternity reflexology?

Every person is unique and so is every pregnancy. Throughout the three stages (trimesters) of pregnancy, maternity reflexology applies specialised techniques tailored for each pregnant client during their unique pregnancy experience:

  • Maternity reflexology techniques target pregnancy related minor ailments to assist in their elimination or to relieve their symptoms.

  • Relaxation techniques have been created and adapted specifically for pregnancy to calm both mother and baby.

  • The endocrine system is regularly treated, bringing hormonal and energetic balance, symptom control and relief for the benefit of both mother and baby.

  • May help to turn a breeched baby.

  • Post-mature (40+ weeks) clients can be treated with labour priming techniques to encourage the natural commencement of labour.

  • May reduce time spent in labour.

  • For months following delivery maternity reflexology may continue to bring balance and harmony to both mother and baby.

  • Some of the techniques maternity reflexology offers may also benefit women approaching menopause/experiencing menopausal symptoms. 


Around one in seven couples may
have difficulty conceiving. This is approximately 3.5 million people in the UK*. Infertility can affect both men and women.

Female age is the single most important factor in infertility. A woman’s fertility is at its highest in her late teens and early twenties but, for many women, having a baby at this stage of life is not an option. Many women are postponing having their family until their late 30’s and then nding it di cult to conceive. These facts are illustrated by the national IVF gures provided by the HFEA’s (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority), showing that the success of IVF also declines with increasing age.

Stress may potentially cause di culties conceiving both naturally and through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). The goal of stress reduction is to minimize, not eliminate stress, by nding the technique that serves the patients’ needs the best.

Complementary therapies such as reflexology take a holistic approach to treating both men and women when it comes to stress and infertility. Reflexology can be used as a stand-alone treatment to help enhance your natural fertility or with conventional treatments, such as Clomid, with fully medicated cycles of IUI, IVF, ICSI as well as with donor eggs. 


  • Postnatal period


    Women can feel both jubilant and exhausted as well as experiencing other con icting emotions after the baby's birth. Loss of sleep, breastfeeding problems, frustration and fatigue etc. can all take its toll on the new family. A reflexology treatment can be wonderful at this time as well as helping with other conditions associated with the postnatal period.

    • Promotes healing, breastfeeding & balance

    • Post-epidural pain

    • Recovery following C-section

    • Calms and relaxes mother and baby

    • Balances the body after the birth

    • Constipation

    • Backache

    • Engorged breasts and mastitis

    • Sleep

    • Adjusting to the demands of coping with a new baby – emotional support and


    • Working with any trauma or birthing issues

    • Support as your menstrual cycle returns to normal – balancing the hormones

    • Maintaining or increasing milk supply

    • Postnatal depression and anxiety

    • General Relaxation



      Reflexology for men

      Infertility has traditionally been thought of as a woman's problem. But as it turns out, about one out of every three cases of infertility is due to the man alone.

      A diagnosis of male infertility can be one of the hardest challenges a man can face. For some, it can be devastating. Not being able to father a child can make a man feel like he’s failing at one of his most primal responsibilities.

      It takes between 90 and 100 days for each sperm to reach full maturity. Sperm spend approximately 75 days developing in the seminiferous tubules, and then take a further 20 to 30 days to mature in the tightly coiled tubes of the epididymis - which links the testes to the vas deferens, where sperm wait for ejaculation.

      Only once they are fully mature are sperm able to fertilise an egg. Remember
      that because sperm are already three months old when they are ejaculated, any treatment, conventional or otherwise, will take at least three months to take effect.

      Seminal uid is made up of 22 di erent nutrients that protect the sperm from
      the acidic environment of the woman’s vagina and provide nourishment for the journey ahead. These nutrients include vitamins C, E and B12, prostaglandins, zinc, potassium and sulphide, essential fatty acids and fructose (a source of energy). From this you can see how important it is that men establish good dietary habits - a de ciency in one or more of these nutrients could cause the seminal uid to damage the sperm rather than support them, or fail to support them altogether.

      Male fertility conditions that may respond well to Reflexology:

      • Infected semen

      • Low sperm count

      • Decreased sperm mobility

      • Fluid retention around the testicular area

      • Prostate gland problems

      • After e ects of testicular cancer/surgery

      • Low levels of testosterone (hypogonadism) 



        How reflexology might help you

        As reflexology  is holistic, addressing the whole body rather than individual symptoms, most people benefitt. It is suitable for people of all ages, from tiny babies to the elderly. For each person, the effects of the therapy are unique, however most nd it supremely relaxing. If you are struggling with health problems, it may be that a calming and relaxing session of reflexology may help you.

        Reflexology may assist in the treatment of:

        • Hormonal problems like PCOS, menopause, PMT

        • Digestive disorders like IBS, constipation

        • Neurological conditions like MS, Parkinson’s and migraine

        • Circulatory conditions like stroke and high blood pressure

        • Pain management

        • Sleep disorders

        • Stress related conditions

        • Endocrine disorders like thyroid and adrenal insufficiency, diabetes

        • Vascular disease like COPD and asthma

        • Arthritis

        • Back pain and sciatica

        • Lymph drainage

        • Cancer pain

        • Emotional release 


          Testimonial: Vikki 

          “In 2010 I started IVF after 8 years of infertility. I started to see Nichaan as part of my preparation for treatment from a relaxation point of view, but also for the health benefits of reflexologyexology. I found Nichaan to be very knowledgeable of the whole
          IVF process I was experiencing and extremely empathetic at a diffy cult time as we hadn't shared our journey with our family at the time. I found the sessions to be very relaxing and improved my general mood and wellbeing. Nichaan cared for me through 3 cycles, 2 miscarriages and the birth of my boys and then for my boys too. During pregnancy with the twins I found that reflexology really reduced my sense of anxiety and helped my back pain. I would absolutely recommend Nichaan to anyone going through IVF and in general. If she had’t moved away I would still be seeing her for treatments.” 


          “I think it was October 2006 and I was PCOS patient trying to have a baby with my husband for quite some time. After having tried multiple ways, my husband and I decided to go for re exology and got in touch with Nichaan.

          Right from the rst session with Nichaan, I started feeling very relaxed and de- stressed. It was surely a gentle healing process and it made me confident in the beginning itself, that reflexology will work for me. Within seven sessions, I was pregnant and I couldn’t believe it at all. I was now convinced that I was in secure hands and hence I continued the sessions so that I have a healthy pregnancy. As I write today, we have a 6 month-old baby-boy, & nothing is more precious than him.

          Looking back I still cherish all those moments and discussions we use to have during those re exology sessions and miss Nichaan a lot. I am thankful for an excellent re exology healing. I do truly look at Nichaan as God-send.”

          Testimonial: Pinali 

















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